Friday, August 1, 2008

Does the FDA's Wheel of Salmonella Mean Food Irradiation on Your Dinner Table?

Headline: Counterthink on the FDA's Wheel of Salmonella "...making Americans scared of their vegetables is a great way to advance the FDA's food irradiation agenda..."

Mike Adams rocks the health world once again with his pointed commentary on the FDA fear campaign against vegetation. (I hope he does the same with HIV, AIDS & Gallo's Egg.) Regarding FDA vs. the vegetables, we are in agreement that the end result (if the germ-fearing bad guys win), would be the widespread use of ionizing radiation on all produce and other foodstuffs to "prevent" bacterial contamination.

Of course, FDA bureaucrats and their welfare scientist accomplices never ask the question:

"How did the bacteria get there in the first place?"

If that question were ever asked it might point to some ugly agricultural practices, whether they be for the "growth" of fruits and vegetables or the slaughter of animals. Our government (and New World Order aficionados) cannot stomach acknowledging Antoine Béchamp and The Law of the Terrain, for it would put an end to their Big Agribusiness gravy train. Why should we allow them to nuke much of the world's food supply?

Here's a news flash for you: Salmonella does not grow on tomatoes or peppers, nor the soil they are grown in -- unless that soil is contaminated. But from where or what? If you worked at FDA and you asked that question, say hello to a desk job where you'll likely become a fungus growing in a dark corner.

Is salmonella "poofed" into existence like Bernanke's Federal Reserve Notes? Soil contamination does not have magical causes. What if a Mexican farm were utilizing water composed of sewage runoff? The impression foisted upon us by big government accomplices in Big Media is that radiating crops is our only salvation. Stop the sewage sludge? Too hard. Just nuke it. Do you really think that your food should glow before you eat it?

How difficult is it to understand that toxic soil cannot sustain healthy plant life? Evidently, the degree of difficulty in understanding is beyond beyond the 4th grade education and behavioral level exhibited by the current bureaucratic oligarchy. Pathogenic bacteria grow in soil that has been sickened by either a lack of minerals or a preponderance of toxic chemicals or sewage sludge. What do the imbeciles at FDA propose as a solution? That which our government has been lobbied to promote. Just imagine if the untenable waste of one industry could be sold to (or mandated by) government for use as the final solution for some other industry or agenda. In this case, we get the "Nuke the Food" campaign. Sure, you can kill a few microbes, but is it worth it when you also destroy much of the remaining nutritional content? Perhaps those who are in the business of selling nuclear waste might say yes.

If that is too radical for you to consider, just look at fluoride. How did a neurotoxic waste product of the mining industry end up in our water and toothpaste? What's born every minute? Does anyone even remember P.T. Barnum?

What good is a malnourished and diseased population to government? It is the historical pattern of government to grow like a cancer until it destroys itself and everyone invested in it. The Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution knew it well. That is why they created a government with LIMITED powers. It would always be up to the people to bind the dangerous beast down with the chains of the Constitution.

But how could government grow and bestow largesse on a privileged class of monopolists? One sure-fire way was to make sure that the people fall asleep on the job of eternal vigilance. But how? Rob the food of its nutritional integrity and replace it with synthetic substitutes. In modern America, this means FDA approved medications plus chemically grown and processed foodstuffs. The FDA does not usually approve things with such a high degree of efficacy. This assault on health freedom via mandated food degradation has worked wonders for the growth of government.

It should be apparent to both "liberals" and "conservatives" by now that it matters not who is in power; in both cases, the bureaucratic behemoth gets bigger. If you think that you can control the behemoth for "good" purposes just because your ideology differs from whomever happens to be in power currently, then you suffer from delusions of grandeur. The other explanation might be a childlike naiveté. Both are dangerous to a constitutional republic founded on principles of individual liberty.

Have you read The Revolution: A Manifesto yet? Why is it that a humble doctor from Texas is the only one pointing out this real danger from within? Why was the Constitution even written if the other 434 members of Congress can ignore it when they disagree with it? We have a bunch of vegetables in office. Maybe they are the real source of the vegetation-infested salmonella?

Would it not seem logical to encourage farmers to replenish the soils in which their crops grow instead of nuking the end result? Let's be clear: The FDA will never seek the true cause of microbial infestation because then it would not be needed. Does John McCain have a monopoly on the "straight talk" express? Government and its bureaucracies need constant crises in order to grow. Now that they know how to create crises in perpetuity, media PR agencies must convince us that Big "G" also has a monopoly on the solutions for those crises. Truth is, no amount of antibiotics or nuclear sizzle can save us from this Hegelian Dialectic disaster. Got ionizing food radiation?

Restore integrity to the soil now; stop voting for Democrats and Republicans. If you can't do that, then don't complain when the FDA bans food in favor of sterile pills from GSK, Pfizer and Merck with all the synthetic nutrients to keep you enslaved to government. Never mind that the Flintstone's brand of SSRI's are not really vitamins.

I can almost hear Aldous Huxley saying "I told you so."

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