Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Raw Milk Renegade Redux: Letter from a Listener

First there was an American Revolution, then there was the Ron Paul Revolution, now it appears that there is a Raw Milk Revolution. What happens if the whole country re-discovers the nutritional goodness of fresh, organic raw milk? Will there be enough Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania to meet the demand or will they all be in jail?

Despite the fear-mongering of government, nutritional ignorance is giving way to the awareness that when it comes to the care of your body, you can't better nature. As evidence, I give you a delicious and nutritious letter from Scott in Victorville, California (published with his permission):

Dear Robert Scott Bell,

I serendipitously discovered your program 3 months ago (Talk 960 KIXW in CA) and have been an avid listener since. I also subscribed to your blog as well. Well, this note is really about raw organic milk. I listened to your broadcast about the raw milk controversy with great interest. I already knew that homogenization is what made the fat in milk indigestible and/or unusable by my body and that the pasteurization process killed all the bacteria in milk, but I did not know that the fat in raw milk was actually good for me and that the so-called 'bad bacteria' in raw milk was good for me as well. After listening, it removed my fear of drinking raw organic milk.

Well, finally, after visiting my local health food store (BJ's Health Food Store) this past Sunday (7/20) I bought myself a half gallon of raw organic milk. Of course it had the obligatory US Gov't Warning Label on it telling me that raw milk contains bacteria known to cause disease and illness, but I ignored that and brought it home.

Honestly, I did have some trepidations about my raw milk experiment. Would I like the taste and texture? Would my stomach or digestive tract react adversely to it? Would I indeed get sick from the bacteria mentioned on that warning label?

I poured myself an 8 ounce glass and drank it. Hmm, the taste was better than I thought it would be, and actually, it brought back childhood memories of milk I had drank as a kid (I am 52 yrs. old now, so we are talking late 50's early 60's milk). Yes, actually, it tasted good! The texture was not too foreign to me but I forgot about the coating it leaves in your mouth afterwards. I then realized that I had indeed drank raw milk many years ago and how much I loved it back then. I remember having to shake the bottle because of the natural separation that occurs when it sits. I remember my aunt and uncle, who had their own farm, keeping pitchers of their own milk in the 'fridge and drinking it there, as well.

My gastro-intestinal response was minimal but my body did indeed notice the difference and I could feel it. There was a little more 'gurgling' than normal but I knew that my body was just getting reacquainted with the bacteria and enzymes present in raw milk.

I now have at least one cup per day as part of my whey protein drink in the morning and I sometimes actually drink a cold glass later on. I'm finally allowing myself to nourish the milk cravings that I still get even after years of not drinking it. Seems my body remembered the goodness in milk, I just had to find that 'good milk' for my body once again.

I never thought I would ever, for the rest of my life, make milk a part of my diet again, but here I am drinking it daily and loving it.

Now when my grandson asks for milk, I gladly pour him a glass! I no longer fear that I am giving him a biologically dead and unhealthy food.

Yes, I actually feel good about milk again and I owe it to you and your educational program.

Keep getting your self-empowerment messages out to the masses. You are making a difference!

Yours in good health,

W. Scott Pavone Victorville, CA
Thanks Scott. Your letter gives me hope that the message of sane nutrition is getting through despite governmental indoctrination to Louis Pasteur's cult of The Germ Theory. If I could, I would award you the Antoine Béchamp Medal of the Healthy Milieu for having the courage to eat right without asking for government approval or permission. If enough people follow your lead, we may just restore nutritional integrity to a nation filled with millions of people living in fear of the natural world.

Now, who will be first to write in to counter Scott and claim that drinking raw milk is dangerous, irresponsible and should be banned by Barack Obama?


Murray said...

Though I'm from Canada and never had the opportunity to consume raw milk (generally illegal here), I have no doubt it is far superior to the overly processed product that claims to be "good for every body".

It's not necessary to bring a mother's breast milk to near boiling temperature and force it through filters before it's safe for a baby to ingest, so why should it be any different for cow's milk? The bigger question then is -- are humans designed to consume the milk (and related products) from other animals?

Personally, I believe man is an omnivore, though he seems to fare better with little or no meat and dairy. (possibly due in part to the fact that it's mostly the conventional product that ends up on the meal plate)

My concern with Scott's diet would be the whey protein powder he's mixing with his glass of milk. Unless the whey is organic, it's negating the benefits of the natural milk and leaving him exposed to the potential health problems he's attempting to avoid.

Besides the inclusion of hormones, anti-biotics and chemical pesticides, whey also has the capacity to become affected with BSE.

cheetah222 said...

Hey Murray, thanks for the warning about the Whey Protein. I always check the quality of the source materials that are used in my supplements, which brought me to Source Naturals Certified Organic Whey Protein Powder. If you are aware of another product that is equal to or better than the one I am currently using, let me know and I will gladly look into it. - W. Scott Pavone - Victorville, CA

cheetah222 said...

Update: Since drinking Raw Organic Milk my body has been regular to the tune of eliminating 3 times a day versus my usual once daily. As I have made no other changes to my daily diet, I can only attribute this unexpected additional benefit to the raw milk that I am now consuming twice daily.

W. Scott Pavone - Victorville, CA

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