Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pre-Drugs for Pre-Diabetes or GTF Chromium? What's Your Choice?

Headline: Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Now Strikes One in Four Americans "A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on data from 2007, indicates an increase of about 3 million cases since over just two years."

What is the common denominator regarding the American experience? Is it all just some American genetic disorder? Nope, it's debased food and debased currency. Chronic nutritional and economic deficiencies go hand in hand. One deals with the transport of sugar and the other deals with the transfer of money.

If the food is refined, it steals mass quantities of Chromium from your body in a never-ending directional diabetic spiral until you reverse course with whole foods and GTF Chromium supplementation. If the money is fiat, it steals the life-blood out of those forced to use it by extracting more labor for continually diminished remuneration. This is true at least until the "refined" money is restored to wholeness by backing it with gold and silver.

Would you like to reverse diabetes? Drugs can't do it. They only manage the symptoms -- and the wrong ones at that -- while they simultaneously intoxicate your liver even more. Unless you don't need your liver, it might be a good idea to chart another course to restore pancreatic integrity.

Diabetes is a disease of a wrong lifestyle, as most chronic diseases are. Reversing them means living differently. Western culture has seemingly abandoned the concept of "karma" -- rather choosing to live a life without consequence. When the consequence comes anyway, we have been marketed to take a drug instead of responsibility. Why has modern pharmaceutical medicine flourished so well in the West? Because of our spiritual immaturity. If we think that we can live anyway we want without regard to the effects of our actions, then we are behaving as little children. Diabetes is our spanking. Responsibility is our rehabilitation.

Go raw, organic and whole in the food department and watch diabetes disappear of its own accord. In many cases today, it also requires the re-introduction of a food-grown source of GTF Chromium as well. If you would like to throw some homeopathic remedies into the mix, just add some Lycopodium and Iris. Pick a potency from whatever is available to you at your friendly neighborhood natural products retailer: 6x, 6c, 10x, 12x, 12c, 15x. The "right" remedy is much more important than the "right" potency. There is no clinical definition for the right potency, although each homeopath is convinced that he knows what it is. If you get well with a 6c or 30x, it matters not to me, just that you get well.

The epidemic of the Syndrome-X family of diseases is evidence of our nutritional immaturity. No amount of whining will reverse it. Only a population filled with individuals ready to change the course of their medical history by behaving as adults in the dietary realm can change the future for their children right NOW. Government is not going to do it. Neither is your doctor. Why do they drug you? Because you will not change what you eat. How else are they supposed to treat a nutritional deficiency disease except with drugs?

A side benefit to your change in lifestyle is a change in the political landscape as well. A nutrified and healthy population cannot stomach irresponsible and infantile politicians screwing up the country. If 25% or more of this nation has or is developing diabetes, it is ripe for takeover from within. Much like the internal milieu of a diabetic is crumbling the more that proper nutrition is ignored, a nation becomes weaker the longer its people ignore its constitution. Rocket science it is not. So why is it that Obama and McCain do not know what really causes inflation? They both suffer from a constitutional-deficiency disease, just as a diabetic suffers from a lack of chromium.

Americans are not beyond repair and neither is our country -- as long as we grow up and live according the laws of Nature and Nature's God.

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