Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fear of the Invisible or a Julie Gerberding Mask for Halloween?

Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts "An Investigative Journey into a reckless and contaminated Medical Industry"

If you want to read how far from immunological reality modern pharmaceutical medicine (and "vaccinology") really is, then this is your book. If it were a few centuries earlier, Janine's book would have to be burned because it threatens to topple the entire paradigm on which allopathic pharmaceutical medicine rests.

Absorbing the information contained within it requires the allowance for a major shift in understanding the true nature and cause of disease in a world tainted by Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory. Bob Gallo's head would likely explode should he ever read it.

Don't fear the invisible, just those from the CDC who pretend that there is a biological boogeyman around every corner. Who is dressing as Julie Gerberding for Halloween?

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