Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autisitc Somalis in Minnesota But Not in Somalia; It Must Be Genetic Debris from CDC

Headline: Autism statistics alarm Somalis "People are worried," said Saeed Fahia, who heads a Somali community group. "Nobody remembers any autistic children in Somalia..."

Hmmm. Could it have anything to do with the irrational vaccine schedule in the U.S.? Do Somalis in Somalia have to get 70 shots before entering government schools there? Or is it that a new strain of virulent autism is spreading among Somali children in Minnesota? Will the CDC blame a defective gene in Somali children for the Autism cluster? Of course, that would not explain the absence of the same condition in Somalia.

"A cluster of affected kids has sparked an investigation in Minnesota. Health officials are puzzled by the data."

Puzzled? Or just not allowed to follow the smoke to the fire of vaccination? Who knew Somali children would be assaulted by modern medicine upon arrival in the U.S.? Genocide comes in many different forms. Sometimes it comes in a white lab coat wearing the approval of FDA, CDC and BIG PHARMA...

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Lisa said...

If you live in New Jersey, please join us on 10-16-08 (this Thursday!) to rally in front of the state house in Trenton for Vaccination Choice. The NJCVC is asking legislators to pass a bill that would give New Jersey what 19 other states already have, a conscientious belief exemption to mandatory vaccination.

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