Monday, September 15, 2008

Teen Suicides, Parent-approved FDA Drugs or a Mission in Life?

Headline: Spike in teenage suicides no fluke, study finds "Bridge said his study cannot answer the question about whether warnings about suicide risks linked with antidepressant use caused fewer troubled teens to get treatment." The hidden motivation for this news story is to link increased suicides in teens to reduced psychiatric drug use.

In the old days, a "Bar Mitzvah" was sufficient for a Rite of Passage from adolescence to adulthood. However, the modern religion known as the Church of Biological Mysticism now requires pharmaceutical drugs to reach the age of consent.

Why would parents consent to have their children experimented upon by the likes of Big Psychiatry? Well, mom and dad are also nutrient deficient and on drugs, unaware, and thus easy targets for pharmaceutical manipulation. Generations raised in government indoctrination centers (public schools) are still convinced that nutrition is only marginally related to behavioral disorders and depression. Instead of sanity, "we the people" have "drug deficiency diseases" embedded into our DNA along with Social Security numbers.

I am occasionally confronted by angry parents who say that they "have tried everything" and that "only the drugs" worked. Sadly, if suppression of the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies is what they consider "working" then there is nothing that I or anyone can say or write that will change their mind. Depression is not caused by a lack of Prozac, Paxil or Cymbalta.

If we do not understand the "true cause" of any given disease or intense emotional state (read: depression) and a doctor applies a drug to make the symptoms go away, I suppose it's reasonable for those with a primitive understanding of health integrity to conclude that a "cure" was achieved. But health is not the "absence" of disease symptoms.

Suppressing depression with a psychiatric drug is not the same as not being depressed. Our culture has lost sight of the value of Rites of Passage that would normally occur during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. This transition has been rendered meaningless because simply "growing older so you can have a job and buy stuff" really does not inspire a search for self identity and purpose.

However, the freedom to do relatively meaningless things in life can lead to boredom which may eventually lead to a period of self reflection. Depression may be an acknowledgment that a different path is necessary. It's just too bad that it happens so late in life for so many in the Western world. The fact that more teens are depressed may be a sign that they are catching on at an earlier age. But will parents?

In addition to nutrient deficiencies, depression is symptomatic of someone who has lost his way in life, or perhaps does not know how or where he fits into the universe. Is it your teen's purpose in life to be dependent upon psychiatric drugs just to get through the day? If not, perhaps you could give them some Sepia, GTF Chromium, essential fats and guide them to their true purpose for being here. I do not really believe that parents want their children to be slaves to FDA drugs, but guess who hooks them up.

Hey, moms and dads, are you up for some liver detoxification yet?

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