Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teen FDA Depression, Probiotic Solution and Hemp for Health on RSBell Radio Show

Radio broadcast on Sunday, September 14, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Should the government be the arbiter of what type of agriculture is allowable? Under which clause in the Constitution would you refer to for the defense of the federal prohibition against hemp farming? They defend the growth of genetically modified organisms and cloned food as safe, yet they ban the growth of organic hemp in Montana because somebody might try to smoke it. As Ron Paul said, "you'd have to roll one as big as a telephone pole" and you still would not get high. Is this really about altered states of consciousness or just the prevention of any competition for the cotton, paper and bio-fuel industries? It should be obvious by now that prohibitions against cannabis are really for the purposes of maintaining the pharmaceutical monopoly on the treatment of melancholy. Unless your ganja is stamped by the likes of GSK, Pfizer and Merck (to name just a few), don't expect the feds to give it a stamp of approval anytime soon. Freedom is not allowed if it threatens the interests of any industry that has purchased the favor of government. So much for "of the people, by the people and for the people..."

The Robert Scott Bell Show cherishes the principles that strengthen our understanding and practical application of freedom and healing. Where other talk shows leave off, the Robert Scott Bell Show is just getting started. Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective this week Sunday, September 14, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Teen FDA Depression, Probiotic Solution -- Are teen suicides on the rise because of Black Box warnings on FDA approved depression medications? Of course, teenage depression is not evidence of an SSRI-deficiency disease. Perhaps it is time to review some real solutions to the sadness that pervades the formative and transitional years to adulthood. Is there a Probiotic connection to happiness? You'll only hear about it on this show. My good friend, Chuck, from Choose to Be Healthy, drops in to share the good news. Also, what should you do if you are poisoned by pesticides. I will share my story. Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year! No time for calls today. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

Hour Two: Hemp for Health -- Finally, the politics and nutrition of hemp all in one radio broadcast. Ron Paul chimes in on the absurdity of laws against hemp agriculture. They grow it in Canada, don't they? Mike Fata from Manitoba Harvest drops by for a delicious discussion on the health benefits of hemp, including its complete amino acid profile and the balanced presence of essential fats in the right ratio. Is hemp another super-food that should be on your dinner menu? Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio. No time to take any calls today. (Show topics subject to change based on breaking news and the whims of the host.)

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1) Teen FDA Depression, Probiotic Solution and 2) Hemp for Health on Talk Radio Network from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT, Sunday, September 14, 2008,

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