Monday, October 13, 2008

They Shoot Viruses Don't They? So What Has the Flu Shot to Do with Staph aureus? Hockey Pucks.

Headline: Jump seen in staph-linked flu deaths in kids "More children have died from flu because they also had staph infections, according to a new government report that urges parents to have their kids get the flu shot."

What does getting the flu shot have to do with preventing staph infections? Correlation is NOT causation. Despite what a caller to the show today said about random cross-reactivity, throwing a bunch of flu shot "mud" up against your biological wall is not an efficient (nor scientific) way to protect you from unknown strains of influenza virus.

Of course, now that government scientists claim that "a flu shot with the wrong strain of flu in it will enhance the speed and efficacy of the next flu shot with the wrong strain in it" I suppose it's reasonable to say that the flu shot prevents Staphylococcus aureus infections as well. I wonder if the Nobel Prize committee will issue an award for this absurdity too? This is the current (and sad) state of science on planet earth since it went welfare-sheik. Science is whatever the Ministry of Science says it is.

Did you ever feel like you were living inside of a George Orwell novel, circa a supposedly fictional 1984?

Pay no attention to the fact that there is no bacteria (or virus, for that matter) that can withstand the presence of oligodynamic silver hydrosol. Since dietary supplements are not part of the pharmacomafia-control of medicinals in America, they will never be endorsed by government. The question is: Are we intelligent enough to recognize that substances in nature can be more powerful in microgram doses than even gram doses of toxic, patented drugs "approved" by FDA?

Will you fall fall for the old "flu shot protects against staph" trick nonsense when the flu shot does not even reduce mortality in the primary risk groups for which it is given?

Maybe that's why Big PHARMA, Big Government and Big Media are repackaging flu vaccines for such off-label use. Because you are catching on, they have to move the influenza goalposts to keep you in line. Or, in the case of the "staph" analogy, they bring in a hockey net. What else can you expect from a bunch of CDC hockey pucks?

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