Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does HIV Cause AIDS? “Fear of the Invisible” Janine Roberts Podcasts Part 1 and 2 Ready for Download

The podcasts of my interview with Janine Roberts are now available. You can find them here:

Fear of the Invisible - 11/09/2008 - Hour 1

Fear of the Invisible -- Should we fear things that cannot be seen? Certainly not if they are made scary by junk science.

Has the polio virus even been isolated? This is a question that is fundamental for the argument that the polio "vaccine" eradicated polio, despite the known and unknown contaminants and biological debris. That is why it is never asked. Much of science has become assumption, belief and consensus. Of course, everyone KNOWS that the world is flat. Sorry, not on this show.

Investigative journalist Janine Roberts joins me to discuss the "Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex" threatening findings of her new book, including the fact that the HIV causation hypothesis rests on four fraudulent papers with Bob Gallo’s fingerprints. Even the electron micrographs claimed to be of HIV are not.

Maybe now we will realize that we should have adopted toxicology instead of virology in order to truly understand immunological epidemics, much less AIDS. After this hour, you will never look at a virus the sameway again. Celia Farber drops in as well.

Fairness Doctrine, Crestor Crumble and Janine Roberts 2- 11/09/2008 - Hour 2

First, Janine Roberts “Fear of the Invisible” interview Part 2, where you will learn that the very foundation of the HIV causation-hypothesis of AIDS is fraudulent.

Plus, what happens when the government gets to decide what is fair? What if every time I mentioned that Selenium can prevent cancer, a Merck representative had to be given "equal" time to tout the benefits of Gardasil? Would FCC insist on the presence of a dietary supplement manufacturer on the evening news after every story about the latest drug breakthrough? What remains of the 1st Amendment exists in Talk Radio and the internet. But for how much longer?

Also, Is CRESTOR right for anybody? Cholesterol does not cause heart disease. There are better ways to reduce inflammation. Breaking news and natural solutions for heart disease in segment 5.

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