Saturday, November 15, 2008

Psychotropic Gardasil for Boys and the Rise of (Medical) Tyranny

Radio broadcast on Sunday, November 16, 2008 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: In the disease process, you can appear to fool "mother nature" for a while with drugs, but in the end, if you do not return to the laws of nature, you'll meet your body's demise. In economics, you can print money out of thin air until all the paper on planet earth is used up, but you will have destroyed the U.S. and world economy in the process. Economic liberty, which includes your freedom to use any type of money you like (especially that which is backed by gold and silver) without state coercion, is the only remedy that can right the inevitable demise of the cult of Keynes. How is change possible if Obama is not going to even attempt to dismantle the bureaucratic oligarchy or tackle monetary policy? Sounds like we are in for more of the same, even if the window dressing at CEO has "changed." Wouldn't it be nice if the change you received was not clad? It's your choice. It is always your choice. Freedom did not fail. We gave up on freedom. Now political and economic pundits are wrongly declaring that it was "liberty" that did us in. Those same experts believe that psychotropic drugs are essential nutrients. Need I say more?

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Hour One: Psychotropic Gardasil for Boys, too -- HPV shots for boys too? Merck couldn't stop with your daughters so, as I predicted, they are coming after your sons as well. This is wrong in SO many ways.

Also, why are more and more children being prescribed psychotropic medication? Is it just that they are living longer? Or perhaps this is one generation too many to rely upon food devoid of essential nutrients while being bombarded with synthetic waste sold as household cleaners, pesticides and hygiene products.

One of my first interviews with Dr. Ron Paul years ago was about the Texas Algorithm project out of Texas, which sought to determine mental illness incidence in children there. In their program, there was NEVER any mention of nutrition nor potential heavy metal toxicity as a cause. The only concern was to mandate psychotropic drug use in kids and criminalize the parents that refused.

Is it the appropriate role for federal and state government to force lobbied medication on children? Not only is this medically incorrect, it is morally reprehensible. But, since when has government ever been moral? We are definitely taking on the medical bureaucrats this hour.

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Hour Two: The Rise of Medical Tyranny -- Do we live under medical tyranny or liberty? Are you allowed to provide healing to your neighbor without a license? Can you grow your own herbs for sale without government permission? Are dietary supplement manufacturers allowed to tell the truth about their products? Who owns your body?

Jonathan Emord, health freedom champion and author of "The Rise of Tyranny: How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and Pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty" returns to cover the health of the nation. While everyone else dances around symptoms, Jonathan and I will get the heart of what ails America.

Vote for change? You must be on drugs. You want change? Then you must understand the ultimate carcinogen to liberty: the bureaucratic oligarchy, INCLUDING the FDA. Now that you know, what will you do about it? Jonathan and I will explain.

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J Todd DeShong said...

I am actually listening to your radio show with Clark Baker, a man, who by the way, sent me a threatening email when I questioned his Gallos Egg "report"! Yes, I have the evidence at my blog,
He threatened me, my family and even my dog. Therefore, he has zero credibility!! Also, how dare him talk about "dangerous people" when he intentionally threatened me! How can he talk about being an investigator and "being caught in a lie" and losing credibility? I know how: he is a hypocrite and a liar, himself without a shred of integrity or character!! By extension sir, I will question your integrity if you have him on your show in the future.
J. Todd DeShong

Robert Scott Bell said...

Question away J.T.

Clark has an exemplary record of standing up to corruption and dishonesty in law enforcement. He serves with distinction as a board member of the Semmelweis Society International.

He also stands up to bullies who stifle scientific inquiry in investigating the true cause of immune deficiency in a syndrome known as "Aids."

By the way JT, you can scream and cry all you want, it will not turn a harmless retrovirus into a supervillain.

The real "dangerous" people are those who continue to persist in the belief that pharmaceutical chemotherapeutic agents are a legitimate means to treat immune deficiency.

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