Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Beware the Media Hype on Winter Influenza" or "Why the Grinch Should Take Your T.V." (for health's sake)

Is there a pharmaceutical bias in the media?

Every winter the news media does a sensationalist job of frightening millions into believing that illness is the result of a pharmaceutical drug- or vaccine-deficiency. A recent study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine [Vol 178. pp. 527-533, (2008)] reports that there is actually no statistically significant reduction in mortality between the elderly who get the 25 mcg-mercury-containing flu shot and those who do not. Where is the media's focus on good nutrition and quality supplementation instead? It makes you wonder if mainstream news reporters have ever stepped foot into a health food store before.

In reality, the reason that many people are more susceptible to flu and other respiratory conditions during the winter months is due to dietary insufficiency, not media fear-mongering about shots.

The holiday season brings with it ample opportunity for overindulgence in rich foods and excessive amounts of animal protein. The resulting digestive burden upsets the delicate intestinal balance responsible for much of the body's immune capacities. Undue digestive stress and the inevitable liver congestion that follows precipitates the "outbreaks" blamed on "what's going around." This is where we discover the critical difference in biological maturity evidenced in Antoine Béchamp's Law of the Terrain versus the immature and superficial concepts found in Louis Pasteur's so-called Germ Theory.

Which of the following is correct?

A. "It is the mere presence of, or contact with, a pathogen that results in disease."

B. "It is the terrain, milieu or environment that determines health or disease, NOT the pathogen."

If you chose "B" for Béchamp, go to the head of the class. Antoine is the wise elder who understood nature and Pasteur was the adolescent teenager tilting at microbes (at least until he recanted "germ worship" on his death bed - but that was much later).

Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take to keep your family healthy and happy during the coldest months of the year (actually, all year long as well). Reduce the stress on your liver and digestive system by going more natural and organic while simultaneously ingesting smaller portions. In other words, clean up that which goes into your body, so that it is no longer too exhausted to get rid of toxins that have been accumulating for many years.

Then, even if you do enjoy the occasional dessert, it will not be devastating (especially if you take your GTF Chromium). Again, quality is key. Organic treats will not be compounded with enzymatic disruptors from artificial additives such as synthetic preservatives, colorings, flavors and sweeteners.

If you happen to make a mess anyway, remember to clean it up with Orange TKO.

While shopping for the holidays, don't forget to stop by your neighborhood health food store and ask for digestion and liver support to get you through the winter months – and please remember the Sovereign Silver.

If your relatives are reluctant to consider a better lifestyle over the flu shot this holiday season, you might consider dressing up as the Grinch for Christmas and remove their television. Why? Perhaps the greatest gift you could give someone you love is to unplug them from the pharmaceutically-biased mainstream media.

They won't get the flu shot (Boo-hoo Julie Gerberding) and when their fear goes away, they will thank you.

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Johan said...

In addition, supplementing with vitamin D3 can help a lot.

"A theory gaining weight in the scientific community explains influenza epidemics as a result of a dormant disease, which become active in response to vitamin D deficiency"

Keep up the good work!!

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