Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Moo. Socialized Stimulus Package Turns Patients into Numbered Cattle...

Headline: Health Care Scare: What's Buried Deep in the Bill? "...no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion."

What does a bill that pretends to "bail out the economy in a dire emergency" have to do with government health care? Well, if your aim is to implement national socialism, you can't well do it without fully co-opting 17% of the GDP, can you?

As far as I can tell, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is not in need of financial help. They have enough money to bail out the governments of many small countries. Yet, the soon to be trillion-plus Federal Reserve Note synthetic-stimulus contains "hidden" clauses that will allow for full implementation of Hillary Clinton's fondest dreams, Universal Health Care, which is actually Orwellian-speak for "pharmaceutical disease management bureaucracy."

According to Rep. Ron Paul, they were not even given an opportunity to read the bill before they voted on it. At least he voted "no." Didn't anybody's momma tell them not to sign ANYTHING before reading it?

In addition to the destruction it will unleash on licensed medical doctors, it portends to be a nightmare for anyone invested in the use of natural healing methods. What is left of health freedom goes Barack-a-bye baby. That is, unless the American people wake up and recognize their true identity and subsequently re-establish a proper relationship with their servant-government.

The bill, after being signed by the Obama, will track your medical treatments "...electronically by a federal system."

Will it effect you? According to the bill's health directives, the regulations will affect “every individual in the United States” (445, 454, 479). Do we have an identity crisis? If you were to assume that you are an "individual" as defined in the statute-to-be, it would behoove you to learn the definition first. Assumptions at law are very dangerous things because they typically bind people to covert and overt clauses which do not even apply to them. If it is too much to consider that people in power try to dupe people who are not, then go ahead and assume away the last of your dwindling health freedoms.

"One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective."

Does anyone in Washington, D.C. find anything in that statement problematic? How about the rest of the country that Chuck Schumer refers to as the "chattering" class? How do you like the feds getting to decide what is "appropriate" in the care of your health? Appropriate? Pretty much EVERYTHING they do is INappropriate and UNconstitutional.

And what about "cost effective?" This is the same government that needs to spend a trillion dollars in order to create what they claim will be 4 million jobs! $250,000 per job sounds sweet until you realize that it would enslave us all to an evil bureaucratic oligarchy. How much does it cost to create a job in the private sector?

These provisions in the simulus-stimulus bill are eerily similar to what Tom Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis.” Check this out:

According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.

In other words, Daschle wants doctors to become more collectivist than they already are. If these licensed representatives of state medicine do not acquiesce and become “meaningful users” of the new system, they will face penalties. As is typical of 1,000-plus page bills rushed through without ample reading time, the term “meaningful user” isn’t even defined in the bill. Does Tommy-boy get to make it up as he goes along? Or has the script already been written?

In his book, Daschle proposed an appointed body with vast powers to make the “tough” decisions elected politicians won’t make.

What tough decisions is he talking about? All of them. Once passed, the unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic oligarchy takes over and does whatever it wants to in support of those entities that have purchased special treatment from government. Complain to your representative? They will write a letter to a regulator, show it to you and explain how there is nothing he can do. That's the "tough" decision to which Daschle refers. That way, it's never the fault of your congressional representative. But they sure wrote a "tough" letter.

[Daschle] praises Europeans for being more willing to accept “hopeless diagnoses” and “forgo experimental treatments,” and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

I suppose when you steal money from your neighbor to pay for your medical care, they could argue about the way you spend it...or even if you can spend it. But under this new law, even if you have the money to pay for a procedure deemed not cost-effective out of your own pocket, your doctor could be fined or imprisoned for helping you. This is the land of the free? More like the home of the drugged.

"This board approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit."

Mooooo. Socialized medicine reduces you to a number or a statistic. Under the Obama plan, you are no longer human, but have become digits in some actuarial table to determine whether it's worth it to even attempt to save your life with the wonders of modern, government-licensed medicine. You don't get even a fraction back of what is stolen from you. Why do socialist elitists in government want so desperately to take over healthcare in America?

"The health-care industry is the largest employer in the U.S. It produces almost 17 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product."

That's the rapid route to a socialized America. Freedom never had a chance against the drugs of BIG PHARMA. Congratulations Obama. Isn't it time for you to roll over and have a cigarette?

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