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Abraham Cherrix and his mom Rose speak out about 13-year-old Minnesota boy Daniel Hauser and state-forced chemotherapy

You may remember the story about a Virginia boy and his family's battle to prevent the state from forcing him to accept chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer. He won and he is alive and well today.

If you would like to catch up on his story, click here.

If anyone has a perspective on state-sponsored medical terrorism, Abraham and his mother Rose do. They need to be heard regarding this new case in Minnesota where the state is, once again, mandating cancer treatments against the will and beliefs of child and family.

Abraham's comment:

I've mulled it over and over in my mind so many times, and I can't even fathom why this case exists. We're talking about about a 13 year old boy here, he's got a life threatening disease.... and while he does have a learning disability, his parents are intelligent enough to make decisions for him.

For years the AMA has claimed chemo and radiation is the only way to cure cancer. They won't consider or test other possibilities, and for their ignorance and selfishness this child is suffering the consequences.

THESE ARE DOCTORS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. They're known as the saviors of our time, they are idols for many.... modern gods who perform miracles.... and they want to force a young man to have a treatment that he and his parents are against? OH that's right, I forgot, the courts have the last word about what you can do with your body. Minor detail.

So what will it be in the end? Will they strap him to a table like in some sci-fi movie and inject him with harmful chemicals? Or will he perhaps be held at bay by fellow nurses and doctors alike, unable to lash out as the needle is inserted into his arm? What will they do when he looks them in the eyes and says NO? More importantly.... will we, or his parents, ever know these answers?

This story needs to be more public. The press needs to follow it religiously, there's more here than meets the eye. Maybe someday we'll know these truths, and people like this young man's parents will not have to be accused of something they never intended to do. But hey, I suppose they think it's ok..... save a life (?) and ruin a family. That's their job, right?

Rose's comment:

We feel the pain that family is experiencing. The stress that they have put on the child will only make his cancer worse. If they are so concerned about him then they need to give what the parents are doing time to work. Chemo works quickly but also kills the good cells as well as the bad. The doctor even commented that it would be hard to give chemo to him if he refused. Who is going to be the one who forcibly holds him down and straps him down so he can't pull the needle out of him. Who is going to be the one who drugs him so he can't resist. And when he resist their poison they will say he is of danger to him and others so they then have the right to restrict his movements or drug him. I would like the names of the doctor's, lawyers, social workers, state officials / agencies, and everyone else involved in "forcing" him to have chemo. That way I will know who to encourage his parents to sue if his cancer returns like my son's did after only 2 months. He had chemo. It is not a cure. Who do they sue when they have killed his immune system so it can't fight back. It is having problems fighting back now because of the damage already done. And what about when he has the side effects of the chemo and radiation 5 to 9 years down the road, one of which is leukemia and ten times harder to fight.

I think all of the following speaks for itself. So what are they sentencing the boy to: life or death

The following is a quote from the American Cancer Society's web site and booklets that they put out on the side effects of radiation:

"Some cases of leukemia are related to previous radiation exposure. Most develop within a few years of exposure, with the risk peaking at 5 to 9 years, and then slowly declining. Other types of cancer that develop after radiation exposure have been shown to take much longer to show up. These are solid tumor cancers, like cancer of the breast or lung. Most are not seen for at least 10 years after radiation exposure, and some are diagnosed even more than 15 years later."

This doesn't include during radiation.

This is what the side effects of chemo are:

  • "One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is damage to the bone marrow."
  • "Certain chemotherapy drugs can damage the heart. The most common ones are the anthracyclines, such as daunorubicin and doxorubicin, but other drugs may cause heart damage as well. This occurs in about 1 in 10 people who receive these drugs and usually involves damage to the heart muscles."
  • "If the heart is damaged by chemotherapy, it may not be able to pump blood through the body as well as it did before treatment. This can lead to fluid buildup and other problems known as congestive heart failure."

Note: A 15 yr. old girl with Hodgkins died in Dec. '08 because of this very side effect.

  • "Side effects that are the result of nerve damage caused by chemotherapy can occur soon after chemotherapy starts or years later."
  • "Studies have shown that chemotherapy may affect the way your brain functions, even many years after treatment."
  • "It is possible for some chemotherapy drugs, such as bleomycin, to permanently damage the lungs."
  • "Reproductive and sexual problems can occur after you receive chemotherapy."
  • "The liver is the organ that breaks down (metabolizes) most of the chemotherapy drugs that enter the body. Unfortunately, some drugs can cause liver damage, including methotrexate, cytarabine, vincristine, and streptozocin."
  • "Certain chemotherapy drugs such as cisplatin, high-dose methotrexate, ifosfamide, and streptozocin are more likely to cause kidney and urinary damage than other medications."
  • "Certain chemotherapy drugs may permanently damage the body's organs."
  • "When young children receive chemotherapy for cancer treatment, it may affect their growth and their ability to learn."
  • "Nervous system changes can develop months or years after treatment with some drugs. Signs of nerve damage may include hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears), changes in sensation (feeling) in the hands and feet, personality changes, sleepiness, impaired memory, shortened attention span, and seizures."
  • "Hemorrhagic cystitis (blood in the urine), a side effect of cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide, can continue for some time and even worsen after the drug is stopped."
  • "Development of a second cancer is a great concern for cancer survivors. Some chemotherapy drugs raise the risk of developing another type of cancer later on."

The preceding are all quotes direct from the American Cancer Society web site.

RSB comments:

Where in the federal (or ANY state) constitution is the government given explicit powers to violate the sanctity of a family and force one of its members to undergo poisonous, unproven treatments against their will? How did they get jurisdiction?

We have a serious problem if the American people (especially the people of Minnesota, in this case) are unable to see the real danger here. When government can confiscate your children on behalf of the Medical Industrial Complex, it is clearly not operating in a manner concordant with the foundational principle "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Is cancer now a crime punishable by state-sanctioned medically-assisted homicide? Should your government be able to lawfully assault your child with deadly weapons? In the case of 13-year old Daniel Hauser, that is exactly what a Minnesota judge has ruled they can do.

What will you do when they come for your child?

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Ronn said...

This is such an outrage, and yet people have been brainwashed into believing the AMA, and are thus able to justify these criminal actions, thinking it's all done to protect the child from irresponsible parents.

There's a line from an old Peter Seller's movie: "Insanity reigns; reason and logic are things of the past."

If a healthy person told his doctor he wanted to take chemotherapy and radiation treatments as a preventive measure, the doctor would say "You're out of your mind! These things would make a healthy person very sick, and cause cancer and other terrible things! We only give them to SICK people to make them WELL!"

Insanity reigns.

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