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Chemotherapy by Command, Inflammation and Pelosi's Pain Removal

Radio broadcast on Sunday, May 17, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Why would anyone want the government to have jurisdiction over marriage? What does it get you? Tax deductions? How about ownership of the fruits of your marriage. How else would the government force chemotherapy on your children against your will? The government says that the kid is immature.

More planetary immaturity is what I see with this global economic meltdown. The elites of planet earth have convinced themselves and much of terra firma that there are no consequences to any action. How else do you explain the economic theory that you can solve the problem of irresponsible borrowing and spending by encouraging even more irresponsible borrowing and spending?

Are there any grown-ups in Washington D.C. besides Ron Paul?

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Hour One: Jurisdictional Chemotherapy -- Where does government get the authority to force your child into barbaric chemotherapeutic interventions? A judge in Minnesota has sided with the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, instead of defending the sanctity of the family, by ruling that 13-year-old Daniel Hauser must undergo chemotherapy against his will and that of his family. In light of this dark ruling, I will revisit issues that are critical to protecting your loved ones from government agents with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest.

Do you need a license from government to do that which is your birthright? I will tell you why the rest of the media will not touch this story and cover what it really means. You think you own your kids? Is there a judge in your neighborhood ready to rule otherwise?

Get ready for a special guest appearance by Abraham Cherrix on this matter. If you would like to catch up on his story, click here.

In the News: Judge rules family can't refuse chemo for boy "It was unclear how the medicine would be administered if the boy fights it. Dr. Bruce Bostrom, a pediatric oncologist at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, said last week he would have a hard time forcing Daniel to take the medicine."

Glaxo gets H1N1 vaccine orders from several gov'ts "...several European governments had ordered stockpiles of a pandemic vaccine the British drugmaker is developing against the new H1N1 flu virus." Euroweenies.

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Hour Two: Inflammation and Pain Removal -- Cognitive atrophy is apparent at CDC as they pine for a bigger budget in pursuit of the unholy Swine Flu vaccine grail. They need a bigger budget like Nancy Pelosi needs more CIA briefings. We need to reduce their inflammation. Perhaps a new Kentucky senator might help?

Move over Ibuprofen, humble little Green Lipped Mussels can reduce inflammation far better -- without side effects! Essential fats are critical to joint health, respiratory health, cardiovascular health, cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride levels. Nature does it again!

Kerry Jacobson, from Pernax, joins me to discuss the science of a sustainable marine lipid oil harvested in New Zealand. Through a combination of geographic, climatic, and ecological factors that occur nowhere else in the world, the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds region that provide the unique environment for one of the most powerful nutritional substances on planet earth. Anyone interested in lowering blood pressure, reducing risks of blood clotting, stimulating the immune system, and regulating brain function?

Special thanks to surprise guest Dr. Rand Paul, who joined me to discuss individual liberty vs. collectivism as he explores a Senate run for the state of Kentucky.

In the news: More on the germ theory run amok -- Swine flu closes more NYC schools, spreads in Asia "The government ordered schools closed in parts of the port city of Kobe, where the Ministry of Health said a male high school student who had not recently traveled abroad tested positive for the virus."

Arizona Woman With Lung Condition Dies From Swine Flu "Laboratory tests confirmed that the woman was infected with the flu strain." What lab test?

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