Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Constitutional cowards trapped and caved as they vote to approve Cap and Trade; Ron Paul Explains

When Republicans are out of power they talk a good game, but both artificial sides of this political Hegelian dialectic have brought America to the same place. Did you really think that Obama and the Democrats would restore constitutional governance to this land?

Is there time enough to salvage the first republic in recorded history founded upon the idea that the primary role of government should be to protect individual liberty?

As long as slavery is considered the new freedom, there is no guarantee that our posterity will enjoy the liberty envisioned by our founders. What will you do to defend their right to self-determination?

Independence Day is not for cowards. Fire congress. Especially those who voted for Cap and Trade. And the bailouts. And socialized medicine.

Based on their inability or unwillingness to read the very bills they vote on, you can count on one hand the number of current congressmen who would even have the courage to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Sometimes I wonder if they have even read it.

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