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School Flu Shooters and Homeopathy Attacks Obama Healthcare Disaster

Radio broadcast on Sunday, June 21, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: The summer solstice in the northern hemisphere brings us extra time to consider the lunacy of more government intervention in health care. The reason that health care is so expensive is precisely because of government intervention and the monopoly which it has granted to pharmaceutical pseudoscience.

If your entire health care system is predicated on the belief that by poisoning the patient you will bring about his healing, you start from a position of automatic pre-programmed failure. Unfortunately, the de facto United States has not only adopted this belief, it has institutionalized it to the point that it must ridicule, marginalize and even criminalize any citizen who dares to stray beyond the cult-like dogma of licensed allopathic practice.

Obama has drunk just as much AstraZeneca Kool-Aid as his predecessors. His FDA steps closer to a de facto abolition of all medicines not approved by the bureaucratic oligarchy. This is accomplished by pharmaceutical public relations campaigns, a complicit mainstream media and a drug lobby budget that shows no restraint.

The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex must learn from the Federal Reserve and its willingness to print money out of thin air with reckless abandon while claiming that it will protect the value of the dollar.

Granting an even larger monopoly to pharmaceutical medicine, already the #3 leading cause of death in America, will not result in better, more affordable health care unless you are already under the influence of Zoloft, Xanex, Prozac and Cymbalta.

Heaven help us if the Obama administration succeeds in wiping out medicine alternative to that granted monopoly status by unconstitutional government. May the American people wake before their Ambien and Lunesta levels rise too high...

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Hour One: School Flu Shooters -- Will the Obama Administration succeed in turning government schools into mandatory flu shot dispensaries? The Swine Flu shot in 1976 killed scores more than the Swine Flu. How does the CDC have a shred of credibility when promoting experimental vaccinations for use on innocent children? The H1N1 is a bust and now millions have active, natural immunity to it. Why do welfare recipients in government believe that we desperately need to be shot up with more mercury laden syringes? It is already an established fact that mortality has not been reduced in ANY of the target groups for which the seasonal flu shot is marketed year after year. What makes them think the "emergency" one is going to be any more successful and less dangerous? Should we beware of the flu or the flu shot? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny may need to chime in again. What will you do to protect your children from government?

In the news: Kids in school may get swine flu shots first or Feds propose turning schools into flu shot clinics The worst of all worlds is to have the vaccine cause more damage than the flu potential. Despite the failure of the 1976 Swine Flu vaccination campaign for adults, the CDC is looking to experiment on children first this time. Peer reviewed published literature has already revealed that the seasonal flu shot does not reduce mortality in any of the targeted risk groups, including children.

Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census "We won't be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn't require any information beyond that." Wow. Another congressional representative that actually reads and understands the Constitution for these united States. And then there were two...

Drugmakers rush to produce a swine flu vaccine "Swiss pharma giant Novartis announced it had created an experimental vaccine that has not been tested in people." Does anyone even remember 1976? The Swine Flu shot killed 75 times more people than the Swine Flu. Who has a shorter memory? Is it the government or the people?

" far, the virus appears to be mild. Most people don't need medical treatment to get better. But the virus might have a more devastating effect in people with underlying health problems."

WHO Declares First Pandemic in 41 Years "The agency has stressed that most cases are mild and require no treatment, but the fear is that a rash of new infections could overwhelm hospitals and health authorities..." The only rash that will spread will be due to the rash of people on planet earth who trust pharmaceutically-conflicted NGO's over common sense.

Report: Vaccine market to double by 2013 "... due to a strong pipeline of new products and rising usage of current products around the world..." Due to the governmental health agency propaganda campaign that foments fear where there should be nutrition.

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Hour Two: Homeopathic Attacks -- Zicam had two forms of zinc in low homeopathic attenuation among other synthetic inactive ingredients. Some consumers complained that they lost their sense of smell. Now the drug companies smell blood as the public relations attack dogs ratchet up the assault on homeopathic medicine, likening it to "something brewed in a druid's kettle." Why? Because the ingredients are referred to by their Latin names. I will endeavor to explain the motivations behind this pathetic attempt to vilify the safest medicine on planet earth in order to salvage the allopathic medical monopoly. Also, Barack Obama wants a single payer universal health care system to cover what? Drugs, drugs and more drugs. Who benefits? Drug companies. What do we lose? The freedom to choose the health care method that we believe is best, instead turning it over to a bureaucratic oligarchy that could not relieve a headache with a swimming pool full of white willow bark tincture. I will let you know what will solve the problem of unaffordable health care, but Obama may not like it...

In the news:

Zicam not alone in side effect reports as the MSM goes after homeopathy "Very often, the only active ingredient is alcohol, and patients don't know that, and they get a buzz-on. The therapeutic effect is no greater or less than a martini," says Dr. Jerry Avorn, an expert in pharmaceutical safety at Harvard Medical School. If Dr. Avorn seriously believes that people are buying homeopathic remedies and getting an alcohol buzz on ten drops, Harvard should demand that he return his degree.

FDA flags psychiatric risks of asthma drugs "New labels on popular asthma drugs like Merck's Singulair must highlight language about suicidal behavior, depression and anxiety..." It's depressing to be addicted to drugs...

Barack Obama may support insurance mandate I strongly believe that Americans should have the choice of a public health insurance option operating alongside private plans,” he wrote. “This will give them a better range of choices, make the health care market more competitive, and keep insurance companies honest. Governement is force. What else is new?

Eli Lilly prodded doctors to prescribe Zyprexa for dementia patients "even though it had data showing the drug didn't help those patients... Lilly also compiled a guide to hiring scientists to write favorable articles."

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