Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homeopathic Attacks: Zicam provides food for anti-freedom FDA bureaucratic oligarchy supporters

Following is taken from a lengthy AP homeopathic "attack" article three days ago (my comments follow in blue):

• "Active homeopathic ingredients are typically diluted down to 1 part per million or less, but some are present in much higher concentrations. The active ingredient in Zicam is 2 parts per 100."

Wrong. The allopathically-corrupted mainstream media does not even know what a 2x is. 1 part per 100. If they got something so basic and simple wrong, you can be sure that they screwed up elsewhere in their reporting on homeopathy.

• "The FDA has set strict limits for alcohol in medicine, especially for small children, but they don't apply to homeopathic remedies. The American Academy of Pediatrics has said no medicine should carry more than 5 percent alcohol. The FDA has acknowledged that some homeopathic syrups far surpass 10 percent alcohol."

Instead of toxic, synthetic preservatives, alcohol has been used to retard bacterial contamination for over 200 years. Considering that dosage size is typically only a few drops, the idiots in the MSM ignore the fact that even a child's body produces more alcohol endogenously during the Krebs cycle of digestion than they would get from a homeopathic medicine.

The National Institutes of Health's alternative medicine center spent $3.8 million on homeopathic research from 2002 to 2007 but is now abandoning studies on homeopathic drugs. "The evidence is not there at this point," says the center's director, Dr. Josephine Briggs.

Homeopathic medicine is a system that depends upon individualization of treatment and thus is at a great disadvantage when measured by standardize, one-size-fits-all placebo-controlled studies. Even so, there have been numerous published studies showing efficacy of homeopathic medicines, conveniently ignored in this toxic assault on health freedom.

• "At least 20 ingredients used in conventional prescription drugs, like digitalis for heart trouble and morphine for pain, are also used in homeopathic remedies. Other homeopathic medicines are derived from cancerous or other diseased tissues. Many are formulated from powerful poisons like strychnine, arsenic or snake venom."

Where did the drug companies learn about the medicines that they have synthesized and made so toxic as to become the #3 leading cause of death in America? From harmless homeopathic medicines and their centuries old materia medica and pharmacopoeia.

"Homeopathy sprang from the inventive — some would say fanciful — mind of German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700s."

Notice how they throw in a completely unscientific adjective to relegate homeopathy's origins to fairy land. Blinded studies were first conducted by homeopaths. The placebo effect was first identified and coined by homeopaths. If anybody is in fairyland, it is the allopathic doctors who believe they can heal disease by adding measurable quantities of toxic poisons to the body.

To this day, homeopaths put forth mystical-sounding explanations involving "vital force" and "healing energy." And with arcane ingredients like "nux vomica" and "arsenicum album," many homeopathic medicines sound like something brewed in a druid's kettle.

Here, the MSM attacks homeopathic medicine solely on the basis of designating its ingredients in Latin, a practice used worldwide so that all pharmacists can identify the medicines accurately. The basis for classification of genus and species wall over the globe is in Latin. Vital force and healing energy might sound mystical to scientists rooted in toxic substances, but anybody with adrenal exhaustion knows what a lack of those two things feels like.

In 1938, Congress passed a law granting homeopathic remedies the same legal status as regular pharmaceuticals. The law's principal author was Sen. Royal Copeland of New York, a trained homeopath. "He did it in such a sneaky way that nobody really noticed or paid attention," says medical author Natalie Robins.

Sneaky? EVERYTHING Congress does is sneaky. It is only painted that way by allopathic apologists if Congress passes something for which they do not approve or like. Why is the MSM ramping up its attack on homeopathic medicine? See below.

"...the U.S. homeopathic remedy market exploded by 89 percent to an estimated $830 million last year, homeopathic remedies were taken by almost 4 million Americans, or 2 percent of adults, federal data show."

Pharmacist Albert Lavender, retired deputy director of the FDA's unit overseeing drug labels, calls it "a big fraud" on the consumer. "He might not get hurt most of the time, but his pocketbook is getting hurt all of the time," he says. He says "it doesn't make sense" that the FDA requires homeopathic medicine to bear a label saying what it treats because, in his view, most of it treats nothing."

Is it fraud if a free American buys a homeopathic medicine and is satisfied with the result? Or is it fraud just because narrow-minded allopathically-trained, pharmaceutically-conflicted pharmacists declare it so? Is your pocketbook hammered more when you spend a few bucks on homeopathic pellets or hundreds of dollars on toxic drugs that may or may not work? Do you believe in freedom or allopathic medical tyranny?

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Kevin P. Miller said...


Thanks for this timely and vital message. If FDA, FTC or ANY agency goes over homeopathics, I will stand side-by-side with you to repel the invaders with everything I have.

Ironically, it was the zinc that was mentioned in the Zicam as the problem, but we need to take your lead here and spread the word — draw the line in the sand — and make certain that ANY more attacks are met with the FULL force of the health freedom community and its citizenry.

We stand with you.

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