Monday, August 10, 2009

FDA Crackdown on Health Freedom podcast link

FDA Crackdown on Health Freedom -- O.K., this time they really mean it. After billions of dollars and millions of deaths, the FDA circa 2009 claims that it is finally going to get serious about protecting the public.

Margaret Hamburg neglected to let you in on the definition of “public” in the FDA handbook: Drug companies. If they really wanted to protect the public from dangerous food and drugs, they would have done so long ago. Dr. Harvey Wiley would never have envisioned that the Pure Food and Drug Act would lead to this.

Unlike the fawning medical media, here you will learn the truth that the real mandate of the FDA is to protect drug companies from the people. Maggie wants to protect us from food and dietary supplements, where the mortality rate is infinitesimal compared to the rate of death induced by FDA-approved pharmaceuticals.

Why is it that in the freest nation on planet earth, natural product manufacturers are prohibited from telling you the truth about nature’s cures? It’s time, once again, to reveal the dangerous absurdities in FDA regulation, while I reveal more natural cures for diseases. You name the disease. MS? Arthritis? Cancer? AIDS?

Podcast link:

Can you handle freedom? Let Congress know now, before it's too late.

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