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Obama-care's de facto National ID card, Side Effects: Death, or Plant Spirit Medicine?

Radio broadcast on Sunday, August 16, 2009 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Health care controversy? It should be the fact that there is no health in Universal Care as it is proposed by the Barack/Pelosi Administration. It is basically a pharmaceutical welfare program for the drug industry by way of strengthening their already obscene monopolistic stranglehold on Americans' biochemistry. And don't even get me started on the insurance industry.

Where is health sovereignty? In reality, this proposed health care reform is merely the changing of a cylindrical Prozac capsule to that of a circular tablet. Re-formed? In a manner of speaking, yes. But if anyone thinks that Obama's plan is genuine change, then they must be under the influence of one too many of Eli Lilly's medications in whatever form.

The untold truth of Obama-care is that it would establish a de facto National I.D., providing unlimited access into whatever is left of privacy for ordinary Americans. Freedom to opt out and go with a private plan? Not so fast. No papers, no treatment.

Show me your papers? Are fears of national socialism (at one time known as Nazi-ism) really such a outrageous concern?

It is widely known that those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Strange how Pelosi, Obama and the collectivists in the Democratic Party neglect to mention that the German regime to which they claim opposition actually supports much of their platform.

Socialized medicine? Check.

Nationalization of private industry? Check.

National I.D. cards? Check.

If health freedom were deemed too big to fail, would Obama propose a bailout for it as well? Funny thing is, Liberty's recovery only needs government to get the hell out of the way.

Please lend your support and tell your congressional representative about:

HR 3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act

HR 3395 Health Freedom Act

HR 3396 Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act

Hour One: Side Effects: Death -- If you have listened to my show over the years, you know that there's not a lot of love lost for the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. For every person it claims to save, there may be thousands who are injured, killed or dangerously enslaved to FDA approved medications and methods, whether they're needed or not. As the U.S. is now on the verge of a complete collapse into federal (universal) drug toxicity, former Eli Lilly executive, Dr. , Ph.D., joins me to reveal his knowledge of the as an industry insider. Warning: this is going to get graphic. Here's the tip of the iceberg:

  • ...pharmaceutical companies invest the considerable amount of 35,000 Euros per year per physician to get the physicians to prescribe their products.
  • ...more than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are paid for by the .
  • some cases prevailed in the approval and marketing of drugs.
  • ...illnesses are made up by the and specifically marketed to enhance sales and market shares for the companies in question.
  • ...pharmaceutical companies increasingly target children.

What he reveals may save generations yet to come from government-sanctioned drug addiction. By the way, which industry is the cornerstone of health care reform, whether it is promoted by Democrats or Republicans? If you said the drug industry, you have been paying attention. Read Mr. Virapen's Confessions of a Pharma-Insider.

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Hour Two: Obama-Care's de facto National ID -- With all of this talk about health care reform, one vital aspect of its un-Americaness is being completely overlooked: This new legislation, with or without death panels, will establish a de facto National I.D. card.

It is no longer overstating the obvious for effect to use the term Nazi health care when describing what this overhaul portends to accomplish. Just try to see a doctor without your biometric RFID encrusted Universal Health Care Card-to-be.

Remember The Privacy Act of 1974? They promised us that a Social Security number could never be used for identification purposes. How well did that work out?

Gregory A. Hession, J.D., joins me to reveal the hidden clauses that equal a beastly number in Universal FDA-sanctioned pharmaceutical disease care.

Time permitting, we will investigate Plant Spirit Medicine with herbalist Eliot Cowan. You can bet that Obama-care will not cover it, so it must be good. Cowan can share why the effective process of plant spirit medicine teaches us how to utilize the essence of plants for healing of the mind, body and spirit. We could use some of that about now...

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