Saturday, August 15, 2009

Warning: National I.D. Cards are the REAL intention of Universal Health Care, death panels or not

Headline: At Denver clinic, it’s Pelosi vs. health plan foes "...the bill will ration health care, create a committee that decides what treatment individuals can get, provide health care to noncitizens, issue national identification cards, and give the federal government access to private bank accounts."

If you oppose Pelosi and the Democrats in their pursuit of a dystopian drug utopia, you will be branded a racist Nazi. Some opponents of the federal takeover of the entire health care industry also throw around Nazi-epithets towards the Obama Administration. Who is more accurate with the use of such an inflammatory label?

It is widely known that those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Strange how Pelosi, Obama and the collectivists in the Democratic Party neglect to mention that the German regime to which they claim opposition actually supports much of their platform.

Socialized medicine? Check.

Nationalization of private industry? Check.

National I.D. cards? Check.

Disarm the citizenry? Well, they would never admit to it, but the 2nd Amendment is the final obstacle standing in the way of totalitarian socialistic fascism taking up permanent residence on Turtle Island.

Freedom of Speech is under vicious attack by those who want no dissent to so-called universal health care. The current medical monopoly system is already a disaster to hundreds of thousands of Americans who lose their lives on an annual basis. We have lived under a government-granted pharmaceutical monopoly parading as a free market for decades, so why lose sleep over nationalizing another 16%+ of the GDP? Are you kidding?

The monopoly was granted by government. Growing it even bigger and stronger under a collectivist administration portends even greater disaster.

Freedom did not cause this problem no matter how many times well-meaning Democrats make that claim. And no matter how many times well-meaning Republicans insist that the free market is the solution, they reveal their ignorance every time they claim that we have actually had one during the last 40 years (we have not).

While it is true that the free market is the solution, we must first agree on the definition. First, what it is not:

Elevating one system of medicine over all others, while suppressing those not in the elevated class from competing for the health care dollar is a form of tyranny, not a free market. Democrats who call that freedom are either devoid of intelligence or simply prefer to ignore reality in the pursuit of even BIGGER government to control the lives of the little people who they claim to want to help.

"Hi, we're from the government and we're here to help you."

"Help" in the previous sentence is a code word for enslave. Whenever you steal from someone and provide a percentage of that property to another, even if they need it more, it is still theft. It also breeds dependence, where the captors also become enslaved to those for whom they are now obligated to care. Slavery did not end with the 14th Amendment.

A free market for health care means that everyone has the opportunity to both provide and partake (in) any form of healing, whether sanctioned by the government or not. Licensed government doctors would have to compete with homeopaths, herbalists, shamans, Reiki practitioners, bush doctors and whatever other healing profession may exist on planet earth. Yes, that means that competing professions, whether licensed or not, could not be prohibited from offering their services simply because they are not favored by a Democratic or Republican administration or congress.

How will the public be protected in the unlikely event that Americans embraced freedom in healing once again? No profession would be allowed to use force or fraud in the promotion or practice of their chosen healing art.

Under the FDA and federal and state licensure, the fraudulent are the ones being protected, not prosecuted, while anything not sanctioned by government is considered a threat to national security. Why? A healthy population is dangerous to totalitarian medical edicts. Are you courageous enough to attempt freedom once again on the American continent?

Let's start here, shall we?

HR 3394 Freedom of Health Speech Act

HR 3395 Health Freedom Act

HR 3396 Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act

I realize that true freedom seems to be an other-worldly concept to those on drugs within the beltway, but the American republic was born of liberty, even though those who currently espouse constitutional ideals are labeled enemies of the state.

Will the early 21st century be known as the time that freedom was lost or regained in America? What will your grandkids say about you when you're gone? Are you ready to stand for something now that the socialistic melting pot is close to boiling?

Or will you line up to receive your papers in the guise of a Universal Health Care Card (a.k.a the new RFID-encrusted de facto National I.D.)?

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