Monday, September 28, 2009

Mutating Flu Vaccines podcast link

Mutating Flu Vaccines -- The news reports continue to be all over the map regarding H1N1 Influenza-A (Swine Flu). Will it kill billions or be milder than a typical seasonal flu?

The latest reports confirm what I have been predicting all along - this flu is not a legitimate news story. As the mainstream medical authorities sheepishly acknowledge this fact, they still propagandize for the experimental vaccine with every increasing airy-fairy confidence. But it’s a con-game.

While they claim to be happy that the flu did not mutate - they also claim that this means the “pandemic” shot will be a better match. What they do not say is that the “match” is actually going to be lit by those who succumb to the fear-driven viral vaccination agenda.

If H1N1 had mutated, they would be promoting it even if it were no longer a good match, just in case, anyway. Good, bad or indifferent, the promotion of the unholy sacrament of the Church of Biological Mysticism continues unabated by willing accomplices in government and media. Not here.

Add to the vaccine’s illegitimacy the dosage instructions for Tamiflu which may result in overdose. I will endeavor to counteract the misinformation of flu and allopathic flu solutions this hour with common sense non-toxic options.

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