Monday, September 28, 2009

Ron Paul Talks "End The Fed" On Daily Show

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 28, 2009 ) Washington D.C., September 28, 2009 – Congressman Ron Paul will be making a return appearance on The Daily Show Tuesday, September 29 to talk about his latest book, End The Fed, which challenges the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve. The Congressman’s latest release recently entered the New York Times’ bestseller list at number six, mirroring the success of his previous book, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

End The Fed, has served as a rallying point for supporters of Paul’s bill, H.R. 1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, meant to shed light on the practices of the nation’s central bank. Last week, the House Financial Services Committee held hearings on bringing more transparency to the Fed, this development came after increased support and a super-majority sponsorship of the bill in Congress.

The success of Congressman Paul’s book and the ‘Audit The Fed’ movement has given him a greater platform to spread his message of sound money and economic stability to the public, which seems to be growing ever more receptive since the economic crisis of last year.

The episode will air at 11:00 pm EST, and again Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST.

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