Saturday, November 28, 2009

"The Obama-care Threat to U.S. Health and Freedom" podcast link

Despite cries from the elite-left that a public option is the only thing that can help the uninsured, its implementation is perhaps the greatest threat to the health of the very people they claim to want to help. Obama-care promises to institutionalize even further a very dangerous medical monopoly, effectively ending what is left of freedom on American soil. I am honored to interview Jon Rappoport so that we may both understand the threat and act appropriately that it may not come to pass:
"In this interview with Robert Scott Bell, I wanted to leave no doubt that the Obama healthplan is a disaster for us all, and not only in the ways we usually think about.  There are secrets. The medical system is already the third leading cause of death in the US.  This is not speculation.  It's fact.  When you see this angle, you open your eyes to the real work that lies ahead, and the real stakes in this game.  I urge you to listen to our conversation here and take action." - Jon Rappoport
In this exclusive podcast interview, we reveal the depths of the danger and why Nancy Pelosi thinks it fair to imprison Americans who refuse to participate. Liberty's end? In 45 minutes, Jon and I go places  that reporters in the mainstream media covering this story are too frightened to go. Evolution, revolution, secession, nullification? Freedom. It's all here...
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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you anymore then the way you put it.

It is an end to America as we know it, if this Socialistic/Dictaorship healthcare bill is passed.

I feel we have to send as many copies of our original Declaration of Independencce to Congress and put it on as many web sites, along with as many Americans that will sign their names at the bottom.

It will show those in Congress that we will not accept this Healthcare or American enslavement Bill.

With the majority of blogs I have posted on, they list the grievences of the people against what is happeneing to us, we the people via the ignorance and errogance of our leaders.

The passing through of this bill will be the last staw that I believe the people are willing to take.

Because the NSA keeps tract of all e-mails, blogs and information on the web, I say that our officials are well aware that we are not satisfied with the lack of Americanism and the lack representing or listening to us.

In essense they have already received our grievences and if they pass the bill, they will be givining every American the right to re-declare our American Independence and Sovereignty agaisnt them.

I hope they wake up and not push the existing enslavement bill through because with all the Americans that believe in freedom, we will not abide by the passing of this Un-Constitutional Bill.

Enough said, I thank you for being one of those in this Contry that believes in Nature and the healing it can do. Not just because of Nature but the Natural choice that should be ours.

You have done more for the health and freedom of this Country then anyone in Congress or the White House has done for many years.

Thank you again for being a true American.


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