Monday, November 30, 2009

World AIDS Day Shocker! Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier claims HIV can be cleared by good nutrition!

This a world exclusive podcast interview on World AIDS Day 2009 with filmmaker Brent Leung. 

From his new documentary film House of Numbers, an unedited interview of Luc Montagnier, 2008 Nobel Prize winner for discovery of HIV, reveals information that will send shock waves through the "HIV=AIDS hypothesis" orthodoxy.

While the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex has received many billions of dollars in research funding, there is still no vaccine and their drugs are toxic enough to cause liver failure in healthy people.

In the closed loop of AIDS research and peer review, it is heresy to posit any cause other than HIV. Will Bob Gallo and Tony Fauci call for the excommunication of Luc Monagnier the way they did Peter Duesberg? Will the Nobel Committee be forced to take away Luc's prize for suggesting that better nutrition, adequate sanitation and improved hygiene, resulting in a stronger immune system, can clear HIV without pharmaceutical intervention?
Will there finally be a reasonable, rational scientific debate as to the REAL cause of immune deficiency? 

Or do we have to wait until Ignaz Semmelweis rises from his grave to slap some sense into the medical orthodoxy once again?

World AIDS Day podcast interview link with Brent Leung:
Special message from filmmaker Brent Leung:
As the anniversary World AIDS Day permeates the globe once again, it seems the time has come to dispose of our myopic approach in dealing with HIV and start discussing new, additional strategies. Perhaps we should start with Professor Luc Montagnier's ideas which are profound and thought provoking. With very little expense, we should ask ourselves, what would happen if we put his ideas into practice? I am reminded of a quote from a South African health activist in the film who states, "this is the beginning of a war, it is a war to reclaim our health." Both she and Montagnier share a commonality. The question is where does this fit in World AIDS day?

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