Friday, December 4, 2009

Gifts of Healing, Pro-Immunity and Probiotics podcast link

Gifts of Healing & Pro-Immunity and Probiotics -- Could the real cause of influenza-like illnesses be a disrupted gut ecology? Hear what the CDC and vaccine industry do not want you to know (all in the first ten minutes of the show)!

Also, what is a gift that will keep on giving this holiday season? Lane Ostrow (Products for Good) returns with more ways to help those who have served to protect our country and paid a heavy price in injury and disability. Instead of waiting for the federal government to do what is right, RSBell Show listeners can help right now by doing some holiday shopping at Products for Good.

Do you run for drugs when your doctor mentions bugs? Scientists now admit that there may be long term damage to antibiotic use. What you do after relying on anti-microbial drugs may be the difference between full recovery and a life full of chronic degradation diseases. The dangers are known but is there a concerted effort to reduce reliance upon antibiotics, or is it just lip service? Rather than destroying all the bacteria, beneficial and pathogenic, why not promote the beneficial so that the pathogenic have no where to grow? 

Preventing disease is simple when you know what to do and when you are not prohibited by FDA. More information on how, coming right up. Chris Barr returns to elaborate on probiotic science. 

Thanks for tuning in where there's more healing in two hours than most shows have in a whole year!  
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