Monday, January 25, 2010

Prostate Cancer Reversal podcast link

Prostate Cancer Reversal podcast link -- There are many causes to be found when looking for cancer origin points. Once we remove the offending substances of causation, what shall we do to prevent or reverse cancer already present? Chris Barr returns with more discussion of the crucial role of 100% food grown Selenium in the absolute reversal of prostate cancer (and many other cancers). While The Cost Of Cancer Meds Influences Treatment, we will discuss remedies that will only break cancer, not your bank account.

Also, look out for the F-D-A Team!!!

Is the FDA blind? What if Echinacea did this:

More on pre-partum depression and the crucial role of GTF Chromium in its prevention and treatment. Will the FDA ban SSRI's during pregnancy:

Did the FDA approve another dangerous drug? So much for protecting the people:

Cholesterol kids? Merck gave 34,000 dollars to Baylor for consulting on Vytorin? Don't get Mercked again.

Will the Department of Health and Human Services promote a new statin school lunch program?

Podcast link:

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