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McCain's Neurotoxic Vaccine/Food Additives and Vitamin D, Cancer Cures that Cause Cancer (and those that don't)

Radio broadcast on Sunday, February 7, 2010 from 1 PM to 3 PM EST: Are there any small government Republicans in the Senate?

Now that John McCain has proposed legislation to trash the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), you can officially declare establishment Republicans the party of even bigger, more intrusive government. Considering the Democrat DNA programmed for bloated bureaucracy, that's saying something.

Are the McCain's of the political elite begging to be replaced? Thanks to a growing group of fed up activists coming from all across the political spectrum, the old and crotchety of both parties may be closer to evidence of their mortality.

Why would McCain propose gutting the little bit of health freedom remaining in America with his attack on DSHEA? Is there a great terroristic threat coming from dietary supplements for which we are not aware?

Each year, at least 225,000 Americans perish due to FDA approved medicines. That's equivalent to seventy-five government-sanctioned 9/11 attacks every 12 months! For the sake of comparative danger, how many people have died by ingesting health food store-bought nutrients over the last 2 years in the U.S.A.?

According to the U.S Poison Control Centers official count, the number is zero.

McCain is left defenseless, but the American people must go on the offensive in order to salvage our over-two-centuries-old American experiment in freedom. If the Republicans won't stand for it, who will?

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Hour One: McCain's Neurotoxic Vaccine/Food Additives – MSG has become a ubiquitous component of prepared and processed foods in the Western world over the last century. Quantities do not have to be listed on the contents panel and it is sometimes listed a “natural” or “other” ingredients.

Monosodium glutamate is linked to obesity, endocrine disruption, neurological damage including autism, seizures and many other disorders. What you may not realize is that this toxic food additive is found in vaccines as well! Why? Jeffry Aufderheide of returns with a special report.

Also, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is promising more secrecy as Obama insists that he is not giving up on reforming health care for even more government interference. Here's what to look out for...

The FDA is debating whether to approve statin drugs based on CRP tests instead of cholesterol levels. I'll tell you why everyone on the planet would be healthier without Crestor, no matter what their cholesterol levels...

Are you ready for another Liberty Pulse update?

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Hour Two: Vitamin D, Cancer Cures that Cause Cancer (and those that don't)Shane Ellison and his Over-the-Counter Natural Cures joins me to warn all those with the ears to hear - about the dangers of FDA-sanctioned cancer treatments. Is it possible to overcome cancer with natural substances that cost fractions of a penny on the dollar – and are not approved by the government? Quick! Before they ban Shane's new book, give a listen to information that may one day save your life!

Are you prepared to hear Vitamin D controversies that even the natural products industry will not discuss? Get prepared, because Shane and I will tackle things the Colts and Saints can't.

Plus, BJ Lawson returns with a special sneak preview of the upcoming C4L event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Saturday, Feb. 27, “A Federal Case.” I will be there, will you?

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Stories to follow:

WASHINGTON — "Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, told Congress on Wednesday that she could not guarantee greater openness in negotiations over legislation to remake the nation’s health care system." Please allow me to interpret Ms. Sebelius for you: “I am just the bureaucratic oligarchy, you'll have to talk to someone from the Legislative branch.” To which, the reply will be: “We're just Congress, we only pass the laws here, we don't write the rules.” It's maddening until you decide not to take it anymore.

Study Fails to Link Saturated Fat, Heart Disease "Research has shown that saturated fat can raise blood levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol, and elevated LDL is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke..." That means that the LDL link has always been bogus as well. Whatever will we do with the statin drug stockpile? We could send it to the moon, but its orbit would likely decay.

Americans advised to get H1N1 vaccine "70 million Americans -- 23.4 percent of the population -- have gotten the vaccine, a CDC survey estimated." That's why they are still pushing it. Over 75% refuse to cooperate with the vaccine agenda.

Most Americans Think Swine Flu Pandemic Is Over, a Harvard Poll Finds "'A steady core of adults' has resisted all warnings and appeals from public health officials, said Robert J. Blendon, director of opinion research at Harvard’s School of Public Health..." Actually many millions believe that it was never a true pandemic.

Seniors aren't getting vital vaccinations, study finds "One reason for the low immunization rates among adults, according to the report, was that unlike schoolchildren or the military, many adults aren't connected to some kind of institution or network that requires vaccinations." In other words, where it's not mandated, it's not being accepted. This is why the pharmaceutical industrial complex cannot compete in a free market. Given freedom, the majority of Americans would refuse to partake in the vaccines as soma propaganda campaign.

Infection Persists, Despite Vaccine "Researchers report that the rate of the complication, pneumococcal empyema (pronounced em-pye-EE-ma), an accumulation of dense pus between the outer surface of the lung and the chest wall, increased after the vaccine came into widespread use." Suppress one thing and another nastier thing creeps up. This is what is known as the law of unintended consequences, or in Pentagon-speak, collateral damage. Big Pharma is famous for it.

What Costs $282 Million an Hour? "Health spending as a percent of GDP — a key metric that shows how much of all U.S. spending goes to health care — rose from 16.2% in 2008 to 17.3% in 2009, far higher than any other industrialized country..." Why? Because we have too much government and too little freedom when it comes to the care of our health. Tell me, who in Washington, D.C. acknowledges that besides Dr. Ron Paul?

FDA Decision Due On Wider Use For Crestor If the FDA grants an approval that covers people wth high CRP but low LDL, it could make between 7 million and 12 million new patients eligible for statin therapy. How many cases of Alzheimer's do you want to create?

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