Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medical Collectivism or Free Speech? podcast link

Medical Collectivism or Free Speech? podcast link – Constitutional attorney and health freedom champion Jonathan Emord returns to alert us all about new globalist attempts to usurp our founding documents and destroy our national sovereignty in an effort to make us all drug slaves.

Where is the freedom to know the truth about natural health options, especially those unapproved by the FDA? Can you cure cancer without federal and state permission? This is one of the most overlooked fundamental freedoms not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Do we need an amendment, or is the right inherent as acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence? Read Jonathan's book, The Rise of Tyranny.

Are you ready for another Liberty Pulse update?

Podcast link: http://askrsb.podbean.com/2010/02/15/medical-collectivism-or-free-speech-2142010-hour-2/

Empowering the nation and everyone in it to heal, only on the united States of health talk radio.

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