Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Vitamin D, Cancer Cures that Cause Cancer (and those that don't)" podcast link

Podcast link Shane Ellison and his Over-the-Counter Natural Cures joins me to warn all those with the ears to hear - about the dangers of FDA-sanctioned cancer treatments. Is it possible to overcome cancer with natural substances that cost fractions of a penny on the dollar – and are not approved by the government? Quick! Before they ban Shane's new book, give a listen to information that may one day save your life!

Are you prepared to hear Vitamin D controversies that even the natural products industry will not discuss? Get prepared, because Shane and I will tackle things the Colts and Saints can't.

Plus, BJ Lawson returns with a special sneak preview of the upcoming C4L event in Raleigh, North Carolina, Saturday, Feb. 27, “A Federal Case.” I will be there, will you?

Podcast link:

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