Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"The Secret Cause of Immune Deficiency" podcast link

"The Secret Cause of Immune Deficiency" podcast link – There are a great many advancements in understanding the root causes of immune deficiency and immune collapse. Unfortunately, most of those breakthroughs are never reported in the mainstream media.

Investigative journalist, Liam Scheff, Challenging Scientism, reports on astounding new insights into endogenous retroviruses. Could selenium be the key to reversing what is referred to as HIV?

Email question of the week:What can I give a 1 month old infant to boost his immune system in addition to breast milk? My daughter wants to avoid immunizations and we are investigating alternatives & supplements!

Tune in for the answer.

Did the Finance Reform bill include the Waxman provision attacking supplement freedom? We'll hear more from constitutional attorney, Jonathan Emord.

Join me for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace.

Upoming: Mark your calendars for the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, Schaumberg, Illinois June 4, 5 and 6, 2010! I look forward to seeing you there!

Podcast link:

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