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“Iodining” on Seaweed and the Secret Cause of Immune Deficiency

Radio broadcast on Sunday, May 23, 2010 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT: Sound bites or sound information? Much of what is reported in the mainstream media is packaged like a Flintstone vitamin. It's colorful and slick with promises of legitimacy.

The reality is that the “news” is Madison Avenue synthetic, prepackaged and largely artificial – resulting in obfuscation of that which we all need to make fully informed decisions about the world we are engaged in co-creating. Or would you rather let George Stephanopoulos color your world view?

If Rand Paul opposes 10% of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – does that make him racist? Of course not. Talking head pundits cannot allow philosophical discussion or debate on the merits of any issue, least of all constitutional ones, lest you learn to think for yourself.

The control of information and history is the control of the people. Selenium is scientifically documented to prevent and reverse many cancers – so why is it illegal to label it with these truths? Does a free society really need to censor facts? The fact that it does reveals that we do not live in a free society.

The trick is to make you believe that you are free. Are you still falling for it?

Modern-day liberals and neo-conservatives have sacrificed our freedom for the growth of the state. One does it for welfare and one does it for warfare. Actually they both do it for both.

Why is Rand Paul being attacked by the left and right? Perhaps he is not sufficiently worshipful enough of big government for the ruling elite.

I would call that a clue. The establishment is crumbling under the burden of unconscionable and unsustainable debt. Are you contributing to your own demise or the restoration of the republic?

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Hour One: Iodining on Seaweed – As the Vitamin D controversies heat up, it becomes more obvious that USP isolate megadose vitamin therapy has a downside. Last week, we covered the study showing multivitamin users having a higher incidence of cancer. At first look, it might be easier to dismiss it as another biased anti-supplement Big Pharma trick. However, it turns out that the vitamins used were all synthetic and made by pharmaceutical companies.

What other nutrients might we be getting in the wrong form? How about Iodine? My dear friend, Scott Kennedy, returns to discuss the importance from vegetal iodine from seaweed. Have you had your Super Sea Veg yet? Sign up for his newsletter here.

Also, Jonathan Emord drops by with an update on the United States Citizens Association lawsuit against Obama-care. Can you be forced to participate in health insurance coverage that has no health? A very important update is on the way.

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Hour Two: The Secret Cause of Immune Deficiency – There are a great many advancements in understanding the root causes of immune deficiency and immune collapse. Unfortunately, most of those breakthroughs are never reported in the mainstream media.

Investigative journalist, Liam Scheff, Challenging Scientism, reports on astounding new insights into endogenous retroviruses. Could selenium be the key to reversing what is referred to as HIV?

Email question of the week:What can I give a 1 month old infant to boost his immune system in addition to breast milk? My daughter wants to avoid immunizations and we are investigating alternatives & supplements!

Tune in for the answer.

Did the Finance Reform bill include the Waxman provision attacking supplement freedom? We'll hear more from constitutional attorney, Jonathan Emord.

Plus, more on the Vitamin D controversy – is it really that good or that bad? Many people are upset that I do not worship at the altar of Vitamin D3 from sheep lanolin. My perspective coming up.

Join me for another Liberty Pulse update with Kurt Wallace.

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Stories to follow:

How integrative medicine can help your health

Autism diet did not improve behavior

Viagra Linked to Hearing Loss

Common Diabetes Drug Linked to Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Recruiting Lags for Avandia Drug Trial

Roche Pressured Reps To Push Tamiflu Illegally

Veto bars most raw milk sales in dairy-rich Wis.

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kefodile said...

in 2001 i dug in all books all encyclopedias to find what could treat gastritis/ ulcers. i was on all the ulcer mainstream meds and nothing worked. i cam across a sea weed called kelp, i asked one guy to go diving under the Durban South Africa sea to get it for but then he said i could get in in tablet form.

i used that, my ulcers got better and i also used activated charcoal tablets to eat up the gas and to date i am perfect no ulceration as well now i know what would cause them - bad diet, and so on.

i checked out the kelp and found that on the ulcer walls it makes the walls slimy and the h.pylori bacteria which cause ulcers slip off and as the do the would heals. second i learnt that if you are a blood group on it is the best to use for weight loss, those too much of it will leave only bones. any way there is more to say about how i benefited from kelp with its rich iodine contents.

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