Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Frank King, Vaccine Relief, Michael Boldin, Nullify Now on the Robert Scott Bell Show February 25, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show February 25, 2011:

Are the Feds ready to make marijuana legal? Not so fast, as the DEA is set to make licensed medical doctors the gatekeepers of easy-access synthetic THC. If allopathic physicians were already considered pill pushers, will street corner drug dealer become a more accurate moniker?

Michael Boldin drops by from the Tenth Amendment Center to discuss state nullification as it relates to federal drug laws and Obama-care. What would Thomas Jefferson and James Madison say about this? The next event is March 5, 2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Is the anti-vaccine movement really dangerous? I’ll reveal how unscientific the vaccine proponents really are!

Germs are good for you! Really!

It Friday, so that means it’s time for The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King from King Bio! Is there anything you can do if you are forced to get a vaccine to limit or reverse its damage? Today, we’ll reveal some homeopathic solutions for vaccinosis (vaccine injury).

Listener email – question on tonsillitis – I will reveal safe options once you’ve exhausted the antibiotics. Actually, you don’t have to wait; it’s just that this listener did not yet know of the natural options.

And a Moment of Duh - Human Medication Can Be Dangerous for Pets. Really? Isn’t it already dangerous for humans?

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