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Suzanne Somers on The Robert Scott Bell Show Feb. 27, 2011

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Hour One: Gum Disease, The Plague, FDA and the Terrain – Scientists think that they are so smart when they “weaken” microbes in ways that render them safe for experimentation. Until the Law of the Terrain kicks in. Will they even understand what this means?

Also, Obama says he wants to overhaul the FDA and make it more technologically responsive. How many times can you throw more money at a disaster and make it better, not more disastrous?

Did you hear that the Supreme Court declared that Vaccine Court is most superior court in the land? What does this mean should you or a loved one be injured, or even killed, by a vaccine?

Gum disease? Joe Lesko joins me from Peri-Gum to give you an herbal option for which you may not yet be aware. Got Cayenne, Echinacea, Tea Tree, White Oak, Bayberry, Bloodroot and Peppermint? You do now.

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Hour Two: Suzanne Somers on Cancer and Oncological Media Bias – The mainstream media does its biased best at discrediting anyone who claims, even with proof, that cancer cures exist outside the field of orthodox oncology. NBC Dateline devoted a full hour to Suzanne Somers, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and other doctors who regularly succeed in helping their patients overcome terminal cancer diagnoses. Not only did the media ignore the successes, they even got Dr. Andrew Weil, a phony natural medicine advocate, to irresponsibly pile on.

The good news is that millions more Americans are now exposed to another reality. The bad news? Many millions more are still hypnotized by medical doctors and media pundits with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest. Suzanne Somers, author of Knockout and many other books, drops by to share her perspective.

We’ll hear more from Suzanne and Dr. Gonzalez later this week on the daily Robert Scott Bell Show (check back here for details).

What happens when a blockbuster cancer drug fizzles? The story of Avastin is very revealing.

Just confirmed Stuart Tomc to appear with me following Suzanne Somers today on the RSB Show with an "essential" essential fat update. What's the deal with krill oil and the science behind it?

What does the Nobel Prize winning scientist credited with the discovery of HIV (the unverified retrovirus never caught in the act of doing anything) say about homeopathic medicine? You may be surprised…

Plus, guess which animal is the world’s smelliest?

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News stories:

Plague Death Came Within Hours, Spurred by Scientist's Medical Condition The Law of the Terrain strikes again! Hemochromatosis allows altered Yersina pestis to come back to life!

Obama fingers FDA as agency in need of overhaul Overhaul? How about dismantling?

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