Thursday, February 17, 2011

RSB Show Thursday, February 17, 2010 - Obesity, Bone drugs, OTC meds, RA, Homeopathy for Emotional Kids...

Obesity lowers glaucoma risk in women while simultaneously increasing risk of heart attack in men? What's going on here? Do the confusing headlines add up?

It is reported that the bisphosphonate drugs prescribed for osteoporosis may lower your risk of colo-rectal cancer. Are Fosomax and Boniva miraculous new anti-cancer drugs? Does Sally Field know something we don't know? Coming up, osteoporosis explained in ways your doctor never does; plus, you'll never believe what doctors actually call prevention!

Finally, a report on the use, overuse and abuse of dangerous OTC cough and cold medicines in children. Since simply using these FDA approved drugs may result in death, why are they still on the market? I will tell you why and who they may be targeting.

Today's Moment of DUH is brought to you by Rheumatoid Arthritis. Who pays for this research? Also, I will explain RA in ways doctors have never been taught.

Time permitting, I will throw in a few homeopathic cough and cold remedies that have no side effects, now that you know the allopathic ones are so dangerous!

What is more powerful - thoughts or drugs? The skeptic/magician/quackbusters are going to be none-too-pleased with the results of a new scientific study. How do your expectations impact efficacy of painkilling drugs? You may be surprised with the answer.

Any children out there with emotional disturbances? Psychiatric drugs need not apply - I will reveal homeopathic medicines safe for children of all ages (that means adults, too) to help with emotional disturbances including extreme anger, anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of confidence and sadness/depression.

How's that vaccine for pneumonia working out for you Big Pharma? Survey says: Not so good. A new study reveals the failure of a commonly prescribed vaccine for this pulmonary threat. Want to know what I would use?

Plus, an amazing story of an infant who picked the right remedy among 100! How did she know? I will tell you.

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