Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike Adams, Radiation Preparedness, Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 18, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show March 18, 2011

Did Obama really tell us not to be prepared for nuclear radiation exposure? Has he been exposed as a fraud? Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, returns with astonishing news of a president lost in an NCAA bracket, rather than leading responsibly. Here’s what we should be doing…

It’s Friday, so it’s time for the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King from King Bio! Today, we’ll talk homeopathy in the event of radiation exposure. Also, electromagnetic pollutants are assaulting us more and more each day – what can we do about it? We’ll talk homeopathic iodine as well.

Not only does Obama not want to warn us about radiation, he (and the government) actively condones ionizing x-rays for use on citizens in airports and at doctor’s offices! Did you know that mammography actually causes cancer?

A new injection for childhood asthma? Side effects anyone? I will reveal more natural remedies for asthma! Natural remedies for cardiovascular side effects as well.

Monopoly energy? I will tell you the truth about energy, whether it be oil or nuclear!

Someone from the Sierra Club speaks out against mercury – from coal fired power plants. What about mercury fillings and vaccines? Nary a mention. I will tell you why this is a puff propaganda piece for the EPA…

Be Prepared, Not Scared.

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