Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Moffett, Farm & Food Freedom, FDA Nullification, Diabetes Reversal & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 17, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show March 17, 2011

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett reveals his campaign platform and it is loaded with farm, food and health freedom! Why does he want to nullify the FDA? He’s got my vote!

Francisco Rodriguez joins me to discuss regulatory freedom from the Natural Products Expo West.

Is the FDA gagging journalists now? What more can they do to destroy the First Amendment?

Let the FDA know how you feel about Freedom of Speech!

Could ADHD actually increase creativity? Or are creative people more ADHD? Stay tuned for some perspectives you will never hear in the old media!

How about some famous ADHD people – are you in good company?

Old treatment better than new treatments for diabetes? How about no synthetics at all?

A new herbal option for malaria? How about some old ones…

Nix the 6 and eat the 3! Omega-3 fats now acknowledged to reverse vision loss!

Will modern medicine ever embrace natural options for pain relief?

Be Prepared, Not Scared.

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