Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phil Moffett, Farm Freedom, FDA Nullification, Elaine Wilkes Nature's Secret Messages on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 31, 2011& More

Robert Scott Bell Show March 31, 2011

Phil Moffett, Kentucky gubernatorial candidate, returns with a message of farm and food freedom! What’s the latest on the campaign trail? How are things progressing since being interviewed by Mike Adams on the Alex Jones show? What does it mean to nullify the FDA? and

Elaine Wilkes joins me from the Natural Products Expo to reveal Nature’s Secret Messages Hidden in Plain Sight! Are young Thai coconuts really good for you?

What’s the latest on the Guatemalan Guinea Pigs? And how does this relate to mass experimentation on kids here in America right now? Do your kids suffer from a food-coloring-deficiency? and

Should you have the right to know (or expose) the conditions in factory farms? Iowa and Florida don’t think so…

What’s it like to raise organic kids? I will ask myself.

Fluoride spill eats through concrete! Do you really want your kids drinking that stuff?

Diabetes and liver failure – what’s the link?

As the Federal Reserve destroys the dollar, will old people be forced to sell expired drugs just to get by? Here’s an incredible story that you can’t make up!

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