Thursday, March 31, 2011

Healing Revolution, Dr. Frank King, Detoxification, AIDS Science & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 1, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show April 1, 2011

It’s Healing Revolution Friday! Dr. Frank King returns for further discussion on preparedness – and especially detoxification! How do you reactivate your detox pathways? What about food additives, artificial sweeteners and air pollution? What about radiation? We’ve got you covered!

Be prepared as Robert delves into the controversy of AIDS! Is HIV even the cause? Why is he calling for the banning of HIV tests? and and and

What is Robert doing to protect his family from elevated levels of radiation?

What is blowback?

Why is critical thinking so important and why have doctors and scientists abandoned it?

Bariatric surgery and cardiovascular risk reduction?

How many Moments of Duh can fit into one show? It’s at least a triple-header! Is depression really bad for relationships? I’ll review some depression remedies as well! and and

Don’t let Ann Coulter fool you – radiation is not good for you! Special message for men:

Is the FDA really reviewing the safety of food additives? Where can you learn more about the danger of food additives? and

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