Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dick Gregory from Health Freedom Expo and Bryce Shonka, 10th Amendment Center, Nullify Now! on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 14, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show April 14, 2011

Dick Gregory joins me with a special interview I conducted at the Health Freedom Expo. This man is a legend and has seen things firsthand that we read about in history books. Join us for a candid and uncensored (well, almost) conversation on many topics important to the freedom movement. and

Bryce Shonka returns from the Tenth Amendment Center to preview Saturday’s “Nullify Now!” in Austin, Texas! What is the Supremacy Clause and why does it not nullify nullification?

What is today’s Moment of Duh? Is 100% juice better than 10%?

Gates Foundation, others caught with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest? Big surprise.

People power! Yes, we can make a difference!

Chocolate milk controversy!

Is multitasking the new identification marker for teen ADHD?

Honey, I shrunk the antibiotics!

No more home-cooking for government school students?

Woman convicted of murder could face life in prison for trying to protect her autistic son from chemotherapy. Why?

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