Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mike Adams, Dr. Frank King "Gastro-Candida" Healing Revolution & Michael Badnarik on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 15, 2011

Robert Scott Bell Show April 15, 2011

Mike Adams joins me to kick off the Healing Revolution! What’s the latest on the Fukishima nuclear disaster? How about the many scientific deceptions coming from medical and governmental authorities? What is inspiring Mike’s very direct writings on the topic of governmental economic insanity? Tune in to find out!

Dr. Frank King returns to talk gastrointestinal health, digestion and Candida albicans! If you have fatigue, chronic or acute, we’ll cover solutions in ways you’ve never heard! and

Michael Badnarik returns to light the fires of liberty one heart at a time! It’s Thomas Jefferson’s birthday! We’ll also cover inflation, the definition of a dollar and what it’s like to be surrounded by cannibals who think that the world is flat! How important is private property to individual liberty? Register for his 2-hour Bill of Rights presentation here: and

A new way to improve your memory is to have bariatric surgery. Are they serious?

Weight Alone Can Cause Obese Individuals To Suffer From Social Anxiety Disorder

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