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The GardaScam Against Children Revealed by on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 3, 2011

Radio broadcast on Sunday, April 3, 2011 from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT:

Listen to the voice of health freedom and liberty for perspective Sunday, April 3, 2011 from 1 PM to 3 PM EST. Just turn on your radio or internet stream at the appropriate time.

Hour One: Defending Kids from Government Medicine - Can you be jailed for defending your children from modern medicine? Imagine if a government-mandated vaccine caused damage to your child and that it affected their behavior in a negative way. Then imagine if a government-sanctioned doctor put your child on psychiatric meds to treat the side effect of the vaccine. Now imagine that you refuse the meds for your child. Did you know that you could be jailed for that?

Evidently, Americans need permission to NOT drug their children. Now we need permission to grow our food, too. What are we – little children?

Leslie Carol Botha and Norma Erickson from join me for a lively discussion about vaccine politics and policy as it affects the health of the nation and everyone in it.

Listener emails:

  • A dear friend and darn good man, is 70-something and has Giant Cell Arthritis. His face has been swollen because of the steroids he is on. He explained that his "Sed" levels were elevated. They couldn't seem to bring them down. However his C-Reactive levels were fine. Is there anything he can be doing to help mitigate this problem beyond steroids?”
  • “A dear friend and new dad has some sort of bacterial infection in his lungs, his wife told me. Been coughing up blood. Of their three antibiotics they have prescribed -- one isn't working, she said. So the condition is not improving. What about Sovereign Silver?”

Moment of Duh? How does alcohol and partying impact GPA?

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Hour Two: They Call it Gardasil, I Call it GardaScam – HPV already does not cause cervical cancer – but Merck and GSK still have not gotten the memo. Now there is concern about the strains that those vaccines do not even target. Here’s the story: Gardasil and Cervarix: Are strains targeted by the vaccines replaced by other HPV viruses?

We’ll also find out about the One More Girl documentary film that is countering the dangerous propaganda about HPV and cervical cancer.

Milking snails? Are we exporting more jobs overseas?

Pediatricians refuse to treat non-vaccinating patients? Good, bad, ugly or appropriate? I’ll tell you why I am glad this is happening. Pediatricians are finally coming out of the I.G. Farben closet.

Plus, we’ll have a Japan radiation update on probiotics with Johnathan from I will also revisit some homeopathic medicines that counteract radiation in the body, as well as a comprehensive preparedness kit released just for my listeners! Call King Bio at 800.543.3245 right away for an exclusive offer to RSB Show listeners!

How about Far Infrared Heat healing light saunas for drug/toxin removal? Phil Wilson, from Momentum98, stops by to detoxify the drug madness.

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