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Mother's Day on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for May 8, 2011, 1 PM to 3 PM EDT.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Hour 1

Maryanne Godboldo's Daughter Back with Family Good news update. The trial is set for June. Need I remind parents on Mother's Day to stay out of the jurisdiction of child protective services? If you missed my interview with Dr. Catherine DrCatherine Evans Rött Dnm from last week, I suggest you give it a listen:

Medical Groups Shy About Detailing Industry Financial Support Chuck Grassley is at it again and ProPublica is reporting the details.

Call for all to take statins after 55 They just won't stop trying to make statins a preventative tool. This video on it is absolutely hilarious: VIDEO: Should all those over 55 be on heart drugs? Why is it funny? I will explain.

"Bad Cholesterol" Not As Bad As People Think Wait a do we need statins then? Is it good or is it bad? Cholesterol should reply: “I’m not bad. I’m just marketed that way by the drug industry and the doctors who refuse to think for themselves.”

DEA event collects 188 tons of unwanted drugs Wow. That’s a lot of pills. Shocker! This is the first time that I have ever supported the DEA. See what else they admit? “The agency says that surveys show that more Americans abuse prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens combined.”

Hour 2

Remember when we covered the clinical drug trials in India? Big Pharma is in overdrive trying to shore up their failing profits. I guess their new tactic is to invade the shores of the third-world countries. The following 3 stories amazingly prove this to be a fact.

Clinical Trial Deaths And Compensation In India 137 deaths registered in 2007, 288 in 2008 and 637 in 2009. Are the people in India the new price of doing drug business now that Americans have become too expensive?

Market Access In Emerging Markets The Legion of Doom is meeting in November to strategize how to expand beyond the traditional “rich world” markets.

Drug makers seeking global guinea pigs Gotta keep looking for the "treatment-naive"

"Off-shoring" clinical trials helps drug makers cut costs

Growing reliance on Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America

U.S. doctors worried by decline in U.S. trial subjects

Critics question ethics of testing in poor countries

Having Sex, Blowing Nose Could Cause Brain Bleed Oh Geez....what are we supposed to do?

What things are we told to avoid in order t prevent an aneurism?
1. Drinking coffee
2. Drinking caffeinated soda
3. Vigorous exercise
4. Blowing your nose
5. Having sex
6. Straining on the toilet
7. Getting angry
8. Being startled

Did you notice that none of the suggestions involve increasing key nutrient intake to strengthen vascular integrity and elasticity? Since they didn’t, I will.

FDA Warns About Teething Medication Do we really need toxic opioids for babies? Moms, how about some safe and effective homeopathic alternatives?

Few Babies in Child-Care Centers Receive Breast Milk The bigger question is why so many babies must be abandoned to non-family day care. It’s the economy, stupid.

Childhood Exposure To Environmental Toxic Chemicals Costs $76.6 Billion Annually, USA Holy cow. That's a huge number. The USA spends 3.5% of its whole health care budget dealing with the consequences of childhood exposure to environmental toxic chemicals, researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine revealed in the journal Health Affairs. The authors stress that new laws are needed to address the testing of new chemicals as well as those already in use... How about parents protect their children from such exposures?

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