Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sen. Rand Paul, Healing Revolution, Dr. Frank King, Ileocecal Valve Secrets, Medical Marijuana & More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 6, 2011

Senator Rand Paul returns to discuss his father’s run for the White House, health freedom, economic freedom, raw milk, home-schooling, Maryanne Godboldo, health care freedom, medical monopoly, foreign policy, the budget, and the energy and fitness of his father. This is a fascinating interview behind the scenes with a sitting U.S. Senator. and and and

It’s Healing Revolution Friday! Dr. Frank King returns for some more gastrointestinal discussion, this time teaching us how to close an ileocecal valve that is stuck open. You will be amazed at the number of symptoms and diseases are caused by this mostly undiagnosed problem. Even more amazing is that you will learn how to fix it yourself by hand! and

Experts say that salt is bad for you! Not so fast – it might not even cause high blood pressure. Of course, one salt is different from another.

Phone call of the day is a question about traveling around the world with an unvaccinated child. Get these: or visit and and and

Question of the day: A father in Montana snuck cannabis oil into a hospital to his 2 year old son who was suffering from cancer. As a result, his son recovered. This has fueled a debate. Should medical marijuana be used for children? What do you think? Would you do the same thing? Would you administer cannabis oil into your baby against doctor’s orders if you thought it would save your baby’s life? Read the story and then call 1-866-939-BELL and tell me what you would do.

Gastrointestinal diseases are ravaging children who have survived chemotherapy. Should this be a surprise?

Has the CDC given up on vaccines in order to target cold cuts?

The FDA finally claims that it can pull poison off the market! You mean that they are finally banning FDA-approved drugs? No such luck. How about 5-day-old cold cuts? The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is just beginning to rear its ugly head.

Where are the parents of California teenagers? California wants to ban what? Where else will they get their Vitamin D in the winter?

What qualifies as a health tip for allergies? How many degrees does it take to tell you stay indoors? That’s a tip? Are they serious?

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Moment of Duh? I wonder if what you feed a newborn actually matters?

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