Friday, March 7, 2008

Drug-resistant TB spreading fast, officials say "Experts said new drugs are needed if the outbreak is to be curbed, along with new diagnostic tests to identify drug-resistant TB strains faster..." Resistance is futile as long as you rely upon synthetic creations of man. TB is a disease of abject poverty, whether it be economic, nutritional or hygienic. It is not so much a matter of killing the bacteria as much as it is restoring integrity to the terrain of the human environment. How? Restore liver and digestive health. Support the body's ability to overcome free-radical induced chronic inflammation, and also restore nutritional soundness to the milieu. None of the things that REALLY work support continuation of the medical industrial complex and its stranglehold over (illusory) infectious eradication protocols. What right do artificial creations of the state have in limiting or eliminating natural substances and techniques which genuinely support health restoration? When the terrain is cleared and its integrity returned TB can no longer live. Even the drug resistant variety cannot survive the restoration of the healthy terrain. Louis Pasteur worshippers can take their TB drugs and throw them in the volcano to please their false gods for all I care. Leave the sick to the healers who truly know how to heal. Leave the drugs to all those who like to remain under the illusion that they are victimized by evil microbes. You change your future and that of your offspring the moment you realize (and act upon that realization) that you are are free to create health or disease by what you do, not whether you are lucky or unlucky. Universal healthcare apologists might not like hearing this message, but it's the bitter root they need to outgrow their immature understanding of true vitality as victim consciousness. Do you have the ears to hear, Hillary?

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