Sunday, March 9, 2008

"FDA, Roche warn doctors on Tamiflu dangers" changed to "Flu drug makers change labels over behavior issue" by the magic powers found on Madison Avenue. Reuters and AP change headlines faster than Julie Gerberding can deny a link between vaccinations and autism. Pharmaceutically-biased mainstream media headlines change quickly whenever a title slips out that exposes something even remotely resembling biological truth. The newer "title" tries desperately to convince us that "behavior issues" cause the deranged and delusional behaviors exhibited by those under the influence of Roche. Do you buy it? The Department of Defense, which stockpiles Tamiflu to the tune of hundreds of millions of Taxpayer dollars certainly did. Would the regulatory authorities allow a homeopathic flu remedy to cause such mayhem?

"...FDA staff described reports of about 700 cases of psychiatric adverse events for both drugs and 25 cases of pediatric deaths in patients taking Tamiflu, reported to the agency through May 2007..."

Maybe the real problem is that people on Tamiflu suffer from a Prozac deficiency disease? This is how the pharmaceutical game is played. Create new diseases (which are really just the side effects of the drugs you already take), then swoop down with the drug to manage the new symptom, which is also caused by the new drug. Wow, if space aliens ever came down to earth and saw what was happening here, they might turn around and go back home claiming evidence of a lack of intelligent life here. Maybe there's a drug for that too? What say you, Donald "duck" Rumsfeld? Do you still get dividends on the DoD purchase of Tamiflu?

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