Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guest Commentary by Christopher C. Barr: “FDA, Roche warn doctors on Tamiflu dangers,” declared a bold news headline this week from the major Reuters news service.

Roche warned doctors about their Tamiflu drug in a recent letter of “some cases resulting in fatal outcomes”. In plain English that means there are people dying linked to use of their drug.

This is old news to those in Japan where such warnings have been given since 2005.

The FDA at that time asserted Tamiflu was safe and did not require any warning in America noting “we cannot say definitively there is a causal relation between the drug and the children’s deaths,” according to then FDA Deputy Commissioner Dr. Murray Lumpkin.

That response parroted the statement days earlier from Roche (producer of the drug Tamiflu) “that a causal link cannot be established”.

The inference was to downplay the Japanese warnings as an exaggerated response.

The simple fact was that Tamiflu usage in Japan far exceeded that of both the United States and of every nation in the world combined. The Japanese warning noted 12 deaths of children, and countless incidences of delirium, hallucinations, convulsions and encephalitis while using that drug.

The FDA received reports of more than twice as many child deaths and in excess of 700 other episodes with Tamiflu usage all the way last spring. Why did it take until this next year and almost the end of flu season before FDA and industry warnings were sounded? Is the priority to protect consumers or to protect multi-billion dollar drug $ale$?

The mainstream (polluted stream) media did their part to downplay the seriousness of this matter by changing in the afternoon the original morning headline noted above to, “Flu drug makers change labels over behavior issue.”

Death by modern mediSin is now a “behavior issue”?!?!?!?

Note the ambiguity and non-specific nature of the new headline. Both the offending (and offensive) government approver and pharmaceutical producer of the drug are removed along with the name of the drug as well – which again is Tamiflu. The new headline is also non-threatening with information about doctors being warned and dangers now absent.

Another instance of the unholy trinity of BIG government, BIG pharma and BIG media acting together as one for their own vested interests decidedly not in the best interest of you and yours.

Did I mention that Tamiflu sales are significantly paid for with taxpayer dollars?

Pattern emerging

Also in just the past week alone studies indicate serious problems with two other longstanding drug therapies by which pharmaceutical phirms have profited countless billion$ of dollar$ by way of what appears to be phraud both phinancial and of $cience.

The alleged benefits from hormone replacement therapy have been found lacking or even absent and worse as some areas promoted for protection are actually endangered.

The alleged benefits from antidepressant drugs have also been called into question as greatly exaggerated.

FDA approved, pharmaceutically produced drugs are being revealed with the passing of time as bad science to such a degree as to make dependence upon the FDA , pharmaceutical phirms and the modern mediSin that practices upon people as unsound and even foolish practice.

Change your behavior and “Just Say No To Drugs!” This change in behavior may save your life!

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at servantofYHVH@hotmail.com.

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