Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Word From Ron Paul "Reclaiming our historic legacy of principled commitment to liberty will, once again, unleash the innovative spirit that propelled our nation to heights of prosperity never before achieved in human history." Why are the majority of Democrats and Republicans afraid of freedom? Because they are in lust with power. They can't have people running around this country actually believing that they are free! Why, the people might actually get the idea that they do not need McCain, Hillary or Barack running their lives. Vast swaths of the Republicrat party are elitist yoyos who would not know what to do with their own lives if the people ever woke up and told them to shove it. Seriously, what would they do if they were not in government? Hillary would serve on the board of Wal-Mart insuring the transfer of your depreciating dollars to China in exchange for plastic and questionable dog-food. McCain would be lost in perpetual anger management courses mandated by court order. Obama could go back to teaching about the Constitution, something I question whether he really understands. Then we could have the good doctor Ron Paul come in and teach the nation about constitutionally protected freedoms, and getting the government out of the way, so that we all may once again exert our birthright in liberty. It may be that the "majority" do not want to be free, but since this is not a democracy, you are not free to enslave the minority who cherish their liberty. The cowards supporting the perpetual welfare/warfare state may claim they want to help people or make the world safe for a form of government that we do not even have (nor want), but they are actually contributing to their own demise. The freedom for which so many yearn comes from our divinity, being created in the likeness of the Creator. These united States of America are a grand experiment to see if we can handle the freedom bestowed upon us. It is obvious to me that the three remaining "major" candidates for president can't handle freedom, or else they would be doing their level best to dismantle the main obstacle to self-determination - a government that has far exceeded its constitutional bounds. May we have time to restore it before our children and theirs suffer under "democratic" tyranny. The Ron Paul Revolution was never really about Ron Paul -- but about the restoration of our constitutional republic, so that all Americans would be secure in the RIGHTS to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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