Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alzheimer's Drug Deficiency Evidence of Researchers' Nutritional Deficiencies

Study Shows Alzheimer's Hits Earlier in Smokers, Drinkers "The best advice is probably to lighten up and have a drink a day -- but don't drink more than that," Denis Evans, a researcher at Rush University Medical Center says. In the entire article about this study, there was not even one mention of nutritional deficiencies. NOT ONE. Considering that the primary behaviors referenced in this Alzheimer's prediction study deplete the body of essential minerals, especially those that would protect against neurological degradation, I would have to say that it proves something that they did not intend.

It is proof positive that pharmaceutical research, no matter what the findings, must be reported in such a way as NOT to link true cause with the effect (disease), lest consumers realize that they do not suffer from a drug deficiency. What nutrient takes the big hit due to poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking? Perhaps the most important one when it comes to preventing degradation diseases, including cancer and even Alzheimer's: Selenium.

Without selenium, how do you expect to deal with the cadmium from cigarette combustion? How do you expect that your liver can function at full capacity to detoxify from the self-inflicted auto-intoxication resulting from a destructive lifestyle? Do the medical experts at large (particularly those on the Taxpayer dole) recommend organic food, essential fats, mineral supplementation and proper hydration -- or are they still looking for a "miracle" vaccine or drug for brain degradation?

While I am on the subject of brain and neurological health, I would be remiss if I did not remind you about the importance of Silicon, found as Silica in food grown supplement form. Along with essential fats, silica may be the most important overlooked nutrient for neurological integrity.

You can go on believing that Alzheimer's is caused by cholesterol, but then you'll probably take a drug that would precipitate it. The only upside I can see is that at least you will not remember the mistake you made relying on the medical establishment for your health in the first place. It's still sad to consider such a reality, but that does not mean I will resort to SSRI medication. If you are still scared of the "C" word, try GTF Chromium to boost HDL cholesterol levels.

I suppose I took the red pill a long time ago.

I always did have trouble waiting for stupid people to give me permission to do things which I already know to be true. The thing is, their permission was never required, unless I had intended to wait for a pharmaceutical Godot which never comes, even if I had a prescription.

Don't wait for Alzheimer's or you will forget that it's already too late to rely upon pharmaceutical integrity. Or, go ahead and take the blue pill and you can go on believing in that which never existed. As for me, you can be sure I'll be taking my Silica, Selenium, GTF Chromium and essential fats...

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