Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cholesterol, Chromium or Alzheimer's? Or Why Being a Fathead is Actually a Good Thing

Mid-life high cholesterol raises Alzheimer's risk "...those with high cholesterol levels between ages 40 and 45 were about 50 percent more likely than those with low cholesterol levels to later develop Alzheimer's disease." I predict that I will be the only one in media to report to you what this study really determined. All in good time.

First and foremost, the vilification of cholesterol must stop.

Why would a vital precursor for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone be accused of untoward evil? Primarily because the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex (PIC) found out that they could synthesize substances to lower it.

Now all that was left was to claim that it caused disease. Boy did they -- and were they ever successful. A few generations have now grown to accept the "fact" that cholesterol is bad and must be kept low at all costs. Never mind that it is also critical for brain and nervous system function and health. As long as drug companies can keep us afraid of fat for life then we will be their loyal customers to death.

The study referenced above links high cholesterol levels in mid-life to Alzheimer's in later life. Why? I thought that you would never ask. What happens to the majority of adults who are diagnosed with "high" cholesterol levels in middle age? Here's your Moment of Duh: They are prescribed statin drugs to lower the medically decreed "satanic" substance.

What happens when you forcibly reduce available cholesterol for the body? Endocrine functions suffer. Liver function declines. Brain and nervous system health degrades. In other words, statin drugs actually precipitate and accelerate the manifestation of brain disease diagnoses, including Alzheimer's.

What the study is really telling us (without actually coming out and saying it) is that the medical profession is now the leading cause of Alzheimer's Disease. What else can we learn from a dummy?

"The findings come just weeks after another study showed that having a big belly in middle age may greatly increase one's risk of later developing Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia."

Here they go again with the fat phobia. Despite all of their protestations to the contrary, fat does not cause neurological decline. If anything, the LACK of fat causes it. What they miss (as usual) is the qualitative issue. What's IN the fat? Is it loaded with toxins and heavy metals just waiting to plunder your antioxidant reserves as your defense systems exhaust with age? Now you're catching on.

The link to aluminum has been floating around medical circles for years as it relates to amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles as well. Why stop with one heavy metal when millions of Americans are loaded with plenty thanks to pediatricians and dentists? Besides, Julie Gerberding seems to have little concern that most flu shots contain at least 25 micrograms of mercury and that five in a row increases the incidence of Alzheimer's ten-fold.

We need fat for survival. We do not need the CDC.

Ms. Gerberdink, go home and plant some flowers. Clifton Road will do just fine without you and the thousands of other welfare recipients at CDC. Or maybe you would like to explain to me why it is you are paid to try and convince us all that the Holy Grail of disease prevention and control is in vaccines and drugs. Yes, I realize that you have heard of good hygiene, adequate sanitation, proper nutrition and hydration, but must you treat those fundamentals as an inconvenient truth keeping a small percentage of Americans from worshipping at your Church of Biological Mysticism?

By the way, are you on a statin drug? Why? You would do much better by taking GTF Chromium every day. You should note that it took no tax money to tell you that.

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