Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions Raised On Vytorin Meeting Documents - Created After The Fact?

HEADLINE: Questions raised on Vytorin meeting document "Minutes of meeting of experts reviewing study was created 'after the fact'" Vytorin-makers claim that there were no meeting minutes to begin with -- so what's the problem? How is it determined that a drug is safe and effective enough to be approved by the FDA if they do not adequately note all scientific discussion and debate along the way? I think I just answered my own question. It is the FDA, after all. Ultimately,

"The study showed Vytorin was no better than a cheaper generic drug at reducing plaque in neck arteries."

How about the patients that spent over a billion dollars taking a worthless and downright dangerous drug? I will say it again, not only are cholesterol-lowering drugs unnecessary, they contribute to a cognitive decline from an already low state of cognition.

For goodness sake, why would cholesterol be deposited on your arterial walls? Because it is supposed to be -- but only when there is local injury and inflammation caused by excessive metabolic wastes and toxins acting as dangerous free radicals. You chase cholesterol, you chase your tail on a downward spiral to congestive heart failure, endocrine decline and/or Alzheimer's Disease.

Here's a novel idea -- why not eliminate the inflammation -- or even better, eliminate the CAUSE of the inflammation that leads to the necessity of cholesterol patching? Since there is no drug that can remove the cause of the vascular inflammatory cascade, the drug companies and the government that they have lobbied can ill afford to embrace nutritional reality. It's not good for their business of disease.

What can you do if you are worried about cholesterol? Stop. Send the Vytorin to your favorite government bureaucrat and call it reverse Universal Health Care. Maybe Hillary will say "thank you."

Got nutrition? Start with food grown GTF Chromium, Selenium and Cod Liver Oil. It is your liver that is charged with producing cholesterol, so if it is determined to be abnormally high or low, it may have more to do with the health of your liver than anything else. There are a thousand ways to restore optimal liver health, including the aforementioned nutritional substances. You can add to that Can-Gest from Alta Health Products, as well as homeopathic Bryonia, Nux Vomica and Chelidonium.

Also, CureZone.com covers a number of liver detoxification protocols, including the use of organic coffee enemas. The liver is the most regenerative organ in the human body (thank heavens!) and the ways to assist in its integrity restoration are too numerous to mention in one short blog entry, but I'll keep planting those organic seeds.

If we wait for the FDA, we will all "get" cirrhosis of the liver.

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